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Postby Homeward_Bound » Tue Apr 07, 2009 11:32 am

Note: I hope no one minds me not being able to add the appearance and history sections at this moment. I'm sort of late for an appointment and wanted to get an opinion on this character :idea: .

Heroic Name: Catch-22
Real Name: Malik Hsu-Radcliffe
Squad: Seeking
Gender: Android designed male
Ethnicity: Android designed African/ African-American
Place of Birth: Currently classified
Orientation:Orientation (sexual): Term #3,456. Response: Irrelevant.”
Age: 17
Class: Junior
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Buzzed, Dark brown
Height: 6’
Weight: 200lbs of metal

Gravity manipulation through “weaponry”. High impact durability.

Malik’s weapons are actually his interchangeable forearms that he uses for combat:

Gravitation gun (left forearm)- Malik’s left forearm can be replaced with a gravitation gun that shoots gravity diminishing bullets. The bullets don’t actually wound what they shoot, just decreases the gravity around the item/individual causing them to float several feet off the ground.

Submachine gun (right forearm)- Malik’s left forearm can be replaced with a submachine gun designed to look like a regular forearm. Although the gun is able to shoot regular bullets, Malik’s handlers opted for stun bullets for his duration at pride high. Bullets are fired from Malik’s index finger.
Malik also carries a broken, light blue I-Pod by with him that he refers to as “<br>o.t.h.e.r.”

Being a 1st generation android, Malik can easily be controlled by anyone with technopathy/cyberpathy abilities and magnetism manipulation. Should such an event take place, a back-up program was installed in him that shuts down all his functions for 24 hours. He also has a set number of gravity and stunning bullets that he can fire before he has to reload, which has taken him an average of five minutes to do while on the battlefield. Although he wasn’t built for it, hand to hand combat is possible for Malik, but excessive blows to his forearms causes internal damages to occur. Because of this he will retreat mid fist-fight for “technical difficulties.”
Malik possesses several glitches in his person that his handlers believe would make him more humane., The most noticeable is a flaw in his “logical decisions” programming that allows other to have an extremely large role in his decision making processes if they prove to be superior to the current leaders he’s assigned to obey in a way (The leaders would be any teacher in the Academy.) Simply saying “I’m better at being me than Professor ThunderFoot is.” or something along those lines would exploit this glitch.

Although he has issues with using most of it, Malik excels at fixing machinery. He is an acceptable cook, although he lacks the ability to tastes his concoctions and is advanced in mathematics and sciences. Malik is highly skilled at sports, but feels that being an android gives him a greater advantage than those students not physically gifted. Because of this he holds back a lot (sometimes to the point of costing his team the game.)

Malik was said to mimic human behavior in 97.9 out of 100 ways so is not as personality deprived as one would believe. He is generally an inquiring person that attempts to identify as many things, people and situations possible and attach them to the emotion that he believes is the most logical choice. His android origins causes him to feel pity towards humans and machines that are weaker than most, causing him to develop a “big brother” complex towards those people and things, like his I-pod.
Pre- Poseidon Prep, Malik was programmed to act as a “typical teenager” by his handlers who installed an extensive database on high-school etiquette and pop-culture references in him. Unfortunately his handlers are old women that were not aware of the extent that youth use these references. As a result, Malik speaks in reference/slang-full sentences that are every bit bizarre. Think:

“I disagree; the noob tossed the shade before she had an adequate amount of time to react.”

Battles tend to make his personality change drastically. During battles or missions accomplishing the overall goal outweighs his empathic responses, causing him to pay little attention to civilians and area destruction.
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