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Postby Ravennecessary » Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:16 pm

Name: Hilde
Aliases: Doesn’t have on yet, but doesn’t mind Valkyrie.
Species/Ethnicity: Nordic/Icelandic
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Class: (freshman/Sophomore) has no formal education.
Orientation: Lesbian
Alignment: ('PMS' chaotic Evil) otherwise Neutral Good


Height: 7’11” ½
Weight: 130kg
Hair: White blonde, down to her knees.
Eyes: Ice Blue
Voice: Soprano/descant
Language(s): Nordic, Danish, Swedish, German & English
Physical Appearance:
Hilde is incredibly tall and extremely well built and endowed at the same time. Her ice blonde hair falls down to her knees, and is generally kept out of her way in a plait. She has very pale skin and burns easily in the sun.

Huge black Raven wings stretch out of her back when she wants them otherwise they are a tattoo’s across her back and shoulders. When she is truly pissed her eyes turns white and lightning arches from them and across her body, (cosmetic).


Birth date: August 3rd
Birthplace: ... Valhalla
Astrological Sign: Leo
Father: Deceased einherjar warrior from Valhalla
Mother: Valkyrie Þrúðr (Thrud(Strength))
Too many, way too Many. She is one of the youngest
Marital Status:
You have got to be kidding me... Valkyries don’t marry.
Other Family:
Grandfather Thor, God of thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing, healing, and fertility.
Grandmother Sif, Goddess of fertility, family, and wedlock.
Great Grandmother Jord, (personification of the Earth)
Great Grandfather Odin, God of war, battle, victory and death, but also wisdom, magic, poetry, prophecy, and the hunt.

Previous occupation(s): (Ex)Drink server in Valhalla, training warrior for Ragnarock.
Current occupation: Full-time Student.

Hilde has been on earth a couple of times, usually just visiting, helping her Mother, Aunts, cousins and sisters gather up souls to take to Valhalla, she is not old enough to collect souls herself but is being trained, she also comes and visit now and then, mainly as she is fascinated by technology and modern ways. Last time she meet Swift, and for a while they dated until she realized that she really didn’t like boys, and much preferred girls. After breaking up with him she left back to Valhalla to try and figure herself out.

Unknown to her Great Grandfather Odin, had been figuring out that in order to have more warriors they needed for Ragnarock to help battle the end times, the gods needed to re-establish themselves as a true faith on earth. Odin believes that people should be lead by example he has been watching his great grandchildren to judge if any are appropriate to go to earth.

Hilde had not informed anyone of what she had figured out on Asgard (Earth) except for the 2 Ravens that inform Odin of everything, and informed him of what had gone on. Odin contemplated for a long time before making a decision, calling all the gods together, as well as all the Demi-gods etc. He announced to them that they needed to learn the modern world to help mankind defends itself and to gather more souls for Valhalla. For too long had the Gods and Goddesses here been complacent and it was time to try to understand modern man in all its forms and so forth. He announced that several of his great and great great Grandchildren, were to be sent to earth to discover what was going on and to learn.

He announced several names, Hilde included among them, after much discussion it was announced that several who did not have powers would be sent to different schools all over the world. Except for Hilde, she was told she was going to Poseidon Prep. Hilde asked why she had been chosen and Odin announced to her that they needed to understand all of the people of earth including people of different sexual persuasion, (Hilde nearly died on the spot as she had been keeping this secret from the rest of the family). Thor, her mother and the rest of the people there over heard. Her mother demanded she explain herself and a very large argument broke out. This argument caused a storm of such proportions over the Pacific that Odin had to step in and stop it, before it hit dry lands and wiped out parts of America and the Caribbean.

At the moment Hilde wants nothing to do wither her family, she is happy to be at the school, especially away from her mother and Grandfather(Thor), who are demanding she give up this ‘fad’ and be normal, this coming from a God and a Demi-god she find hysterical. Her Great Grandfather (Odin) doesn’t understand but accepts her, as do a few of the gods, many don’t. Great Uncle Loki accepts her totally, and has given her everything he could get away with and encourages her completely to be what she is.


In the field she's all about business, out of the field she is happy go lucky.
Ambitions: Get the family to accept her for what she is... A lesbian, and to help them modernize.
Fantasies/Daydreams: To lead her own branch of specialized warriors when Ragnarock happens.
Favourite Colour: Blue

Deity/Religion: I am a demi god, I don’t need a substitute religion...

Sees Self As: Not sure where she fits in anymore.
Is Seen As: Foolhardy, bit of a thrill seeker, and relaxed.
Best Traits: Compassionate, optimistic.
Trying not to let her height intimidate anyone.
Most Important Thing To Know: Will bite off more than she can chew, then find a way to swallow.
Darkest Secret: Wishes she was normal or her family would back the hell off.
How Far They Will Go To Achieve What They Want: She has faced off with her Grandfather Thor about herself and what she is, so she will go all the way and beyond the point of no return or good sense.

Likes: Heights, drinking, fighting, fashion, singing, and girls.

Dislikes: People asking her to serve drinks, her to sing opera, I am not a god damn Cliché.

Song(s): Mostly heavy stuff.


Weapons: Metal spear, that can channel lightning, (Short sword for her), but long sword for everyone else, both that no one can lift unless they have the favour of Loki who enchanted them. Also the spear can appear in her hand if she calls it, the others she has to go and fetch. Large shield that can block anything she knows is coming. Armour made by the dvergar specifically for her, very strong, very light, it can turn aside most weapons, swords, blades, bullets, blunt weapons, etc. Elemental damage is a bitch though.

Fighting Style: Anything goes, she has studied the Martial arts since she was born, she has studied multiple martial arts but prides herself on a on her weapons abilities.

Super human Strength, she is crazy strong. About superman strong, she has a higher than normal constitution, able to heal quicker and take more damage than humans.

Un-stoppable berserker rage: When Hilde rages, she loses it completely. There is no mind to stop, she is all rage and strength, and has no idea who friend or foes are. And will go through both until the rage has worn its way out. Though it does take a bit to get her to lose it.

Hilde has no formal education in the modern world; the most she has learnt is from soldiers and warriors that live in the halls of Valhalla, which makes life the most confusing as all of them are from different time periods and all have different views. She has been sent to earth to help modify and update the patrons of Valhalla, and the realm in which her family lives in. This is an experiment, but if it works there will be a lot more sons and daughters of the Nordic Pantheon being enrolled.

She also has no idea about mental powers such as telepathy, empathy etc. And does not know anything about defending herself against them.
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Postby NikoKao » Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:39 pm

wow :o she seems really cool n' tall with a big T hehehe she'd to get well alone with Mrs. Thuderfoot
I have to say she is the first asgardian that I readed here ya shold add in it but generally she is awesome
;) ;) always love with the heart open ;) ;)
;) ;) in the fall of the night;) ;)
;) ;) on the board upright ;) :(
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Postby The Hellion » Sun Nov 27, 2011 6:50 pm

Interesting, very interesting, I look forward to seeing the character in play
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Postby candyman1989 » Sun Nov 27, 2011 7:35 pm

Hey hun, love the character.

I love the personality, I love the history and I love the backstory with swift.


I am concerned about the power level a little. When I see, about superman strong I get a little worried.
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Postby Ravennecessary » Mon Nov 28, 2011 1:44 am

Easy enough to tone down. I will make superhuman strength not superman strength. :D

Easy enough, ridiculously strong? stupidly strong? insanely strong?...

Hrm time to pick a verb...
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Postby Prince Blanche » Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:03 pm

Ok, first things first: I'm gonna explode in colors and rainbows and glitter and puppies about how glad I am to see a character based on nordic mythology. OH YES, YES~

And I love the whole "modernizing the old Gods" aspect. I always like that kind of ideas...

Anyways, love the character, and hope to see her in action soon ^^
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