ATtL and Merlin

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ATtL and Merlin

Postby TailsofElements » Sat May 19, 2012 9:39 pm

So it's been a long time since I've been gone so I decided to start off with two new characters. Both still works in progress so feel free to give suggestions.

Name: Caylyn Esuzam
Aliases: ATtL (Angel Transfixed to Life)
Species/Ethnicity: Angel
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Class: Sophomore
Orientation: Pansexual
Alignment: Good/Lawful

Height: 5’6
Weight: 120
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Voice: Deep Bass
Language(s): Any
Physical Appearance: Small, skinny, scrawny kid with an uneasy gaze, constantly messy short hair and dopey smile.

Birthdate: March 12th
Birthplace: Settle, Washington
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Parents: Hannah, Tom Esuzam
Siblings: None
Marital Status: Unmarried
Offspring: None
Other Family: None known
Previous occupation(s): Student
Current occupation: Student
History: Caylyn grew up the normal, average life. School, bullied, good friends, sports, band, family time, church, ect. When he turned 16, he was visited by an archangel and told of his calling to become an angel only to fail to ascend due to his earthly attachments. Labeled by his guardian angel as an ATtL or Angel Transfixed to Life, Caylyn was told to live out his life until he was able to shed his earthly shackles. His parents quickly noticed the difference in their son and sent him to PPA to help him with his new powers.

Personality: ENFP
Philosophy/Quote: “Life is a ball!”
Ambitions: To live life to the fullest
Fantasies/Daydreams: Falling in love and raising a family before it is his time
Favorite Color: Brown
Deity/Religion: Undisclosed
Closest Friends: None
Friends: None
Acquaintances: None
Enemies: None
Worst Enemies: None
Fears: Becoming a full fledged angel, darkness
Sees Self As: A normal guy
Is Seen As: Bubbly, overly kind, naive
Sees Others As: Potential friends
Best Traits: Unquestionable kindness
Quirks/Mannerisms: Tends to be blunt about death and always avoids the topic of religion
Most Important Thing To Know: Do not harm others, emotionally or physically in his presence
Darkest Secret: Contemplated suicide in middle school
How They React To Peers’ View Of Them: Overly sensitive to critics but keeps it inside.
How Far They Will Go To Achieve What They Want: Will not compromise morals
Likes: Music, food, video games, books, soccer
Dislikes: Bullies, movies, television
Song(s): Last Friday Night, Born This Way, She Thinks My Tractors Sexy, Defying Gravity, Wayward Son, ect.

Weapons: None
Fighting Style: Self trained
Skills/Talents: None
Strengths/Abilities: Able to generate orbs of light, teleport, super strength, small amounts of holy magic and healing abilities
Weaknesses/Limitations: Cannot enter areas with angel ward sigils, dazed for long periods of times when banished, can be trapped in the proper sigils, weak against evil magic, can be summoned with the proper spell
Name: Michael McCarthy
Aliases: Merlin
Species/Ethnicity: Human
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Class: Senior
Orientation: Bisexual
Alignment: Good/Chaotic

Height: 6’1”
Weight: 150
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Voice: Baritone
Language(s): English, Dragon
Physical Appearance: Tall, normal looking boy with plain wire rim glasses, a bit of scruff on most days in plain t-shirt and jeans. Always carrying messenger bag with books and strange odds and ends.

Birthdate: April 20th
Birthplace: Denver, Colorado
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Parents: Kevin and Diane McCarthy
Siblings: Susan (Younger)
Marital Status: Unmarried
Offspring: None
Other Family: No one important
Previous occupation(s): Student
Current occupation: Student and magic tutor
History: Michael discovered his talent for magic at a very early age when he forced a spell without an incantation. A woman came to him claiming to be the Morgana told Michael he was the reincarnation of Merlin and linked their minds before vanishing. Since then, “Morgana” has been tutoring Michael through his magic. Eventually, still doubting the woman’s claims, Michael came to PPA to learn magic from the other minds at the school.

Personality: ISTP
Philosophy/Quote: “Pursue knowledge till you know all, then you can begin to learn.”
Ambitions: Bring a magic into the modern world
Fantasies/Daydreams: New spells
Favorite Color: Black
Deity/Religion: Nondenominational
Closest Friends: None
Friends: None
Acquaintances: None
Enemies: None
Worst Enemies: None
Fears: Losing his magic, being unable to move, tight spaces
Sees Self As: A normal guy if a bit talented
Is Seen As: A know it all
Sees Others As: Inspiration
Best Traits: Quick thought process
Quirks/Mannerisms: Very quiet, bites on glasses to think
Most Important Thing To Know: Ask a question, expect an answer
Darkest Secret: Never been kissed
How They React To Peers’ View Of Them: Uncaring
How Far They Will Go To Achieve What They Want: Never harming innocents but anything else possible
Likes: Books, history
Dislikes: Video games, sports

Weapons: Force based spell blasts
Fighting Style: Cautiously strikes unless in danger. Mostly a support caster
Skills/Talents: Adaptive
Strengths/Abilities: Casts spells, can force spells without proper incantations and components at the cost of dizziness to unconsciousness, mentally connected to a wealth of magic knowledge and history
Weaknesses/Limitations: Magic cannot penetrate iron such as a metal wall or Merlin being surround by iron dust, cannot cast anything but forced spells if tied up or gagged, cannot take too much of a beating
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Postby MentalFloss » Wed May 23, 2012 10:09 pm

It was a bit hard to read at first because there was no spacing between ATTL and Merlin, but I like the concept for ATTL, how he was chosen to become an angel. i feel a bit of Supernatual's Castiel in the limitations there too
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