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”Is that your outfit for tonight...or an insult to our senses?”
Name: Severina Emanunelle Van Der Atte
Aliases: Rina, Primadonna, That B**ch, Queen Bee of the Dead
Species/Ethnicity: South African (mixed race) Father, Haitian Mother
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Class: Oh Whatever it is...Junior?
Orientation: Whatever’s handiest...
Alignment: Lawful Evil-ish
Height: 5ft 6
Weight: Oh as IF
Hair: Varies, naturally silver but she tends to die it blood red with magic á la Rhianna
Eyes: Deep Scarlet
Physical Appearance: A dark skinned beauty with curves (a bust and behind) she’s not very tall but usually makes up for that with high heels. Always dressed immaculately in top line fashions and couture she makes a point of dressing in the latest fashions.
Language(s): Afrikaans, French, Latin, Ancient Syrian & Turkish, English, Various African Dialects to different degrees (including Swahili)
Birthdate: 22nd April
Birthplace: Praetoria, South Africa
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Parents: Jens Van Der Atte (a famous necromancer of some...conflicting repute), Monique Van Der Atte (currently a high ranking voodoo princess, something of a prodigy related directly to Marie Laveau by her mother’s side due to New Orleans Roots),
Siblings: only shows...
Marital Status: Single. Dates whom she identifies as an alpha male...
Offspring: Pfft. No! She only starts those rumours, she’s never the subject of them.
Other Family: Several relatives who died long ago still haunt the estate or her pendant.
Occupations [Past/Present]: Diva, Primadonna, Alpha Bitch Queen Bee
History: Born to a legacy of powerful necromancy and voodoo families, Ms. Van Der Atte is notorious in her social circles for tearing people apart with her words. An immensely powerful necromancer for her age she has the potential to be even more powerful than her parents combined in a few years. No mean feat that. Her entire life has seen her studying magic and voodoo and eventually it was confirmed she was one of the few people able to bare “An Occulted Treasure” one of 13 powerful artefacts. She was given the Amulet of Demise which contained the souls of 100 ghosts. It’s history was a mystery but it’s power usually consumed the did not consume her....
Since then she has been in rigorous training with the amulet and her own power, her times in schools are often marred by the amount of people she breaks down with her words and sends crying to their mothers and fathers.
She’s The Piece of Work.
Personality: Caustic, Vicious, Selfish, Mean, Ruthless, Assertive, Spiteful, Vengeful, Callous, Cruel, Sassy, Arrogant, Vain, Devious, Manipulative, Cunning, Aggressive.
Philosophy/Quote: “Life’s A Bitch And So Am I”
Ambitions: To ascend to be the premiere necromancer in the world... to own the worlds largest shoe collection...
Favorite Color: Red...or platinum if you’re buying her something, thanks.
Deity/Religion: Voodoun, she seems to have a broad spectrum belief in the voodoo Gods that have evolved over the centuries in the voodoo culture from African roots. Her father is mostly atheist since no one religion’s afterlife seems inherently true or inherently false.
Closest Friends: The Dead
Friends: Oh whoever
Acquaintances: Those kids over there
Enemies: Like I care
Worst Enemies: Some lich’s and stuff I killed.
Fears: Not looking amazing! Being burned at the stake again. Being powerless.
Sees Self As: No Comment.
Sees Others As:
Best Traits: Despite her vicious, mean spirited treatment of others Rina isn’t unfair, she’s just had to deal with near constant prejudice her entire life. Worse still she remembers every unfairness ever perpetrated against her in this life and every other. Rina is quite willing to take risks or do what other’s won’t, her actions will do her talking for her and she doesn’t expect to be handed any easy breaks. She can see the weakness in anyone but she can also see their strengths, while she comes across as cruel and mean spirited when it comes down to it she can be a very loyal ally just because she can respect a person without having to like them. She treats everyone equally and calls people on their bull. She’s honest even if she wields it like a hatchet. She is also self-assured and quite able to remind people of who they are, she often seems fearless in many ways because of this. She and her family also donate a lot to charity but that is mostly secret.
Worst Traits: Where do we start? The process of getting her powers meant she saw every single past life she had ever had, being tortured and harassed and abused more times than she had been happy. Necromancers often lead lives surrounded by death and misery. To make matters worse she also had to resist the impulses of demons trying to claim her soul and powers so that torment was included a few times over. This all culminated in Severina being callous, shallow and spiteful but also gave her extremely high thresholds for pain and fear. Sadly it left her without much in the way of empathy and perhaps over-valuing the power of rage.
Quirks/Mannerisms: Tends to flip her hair when she has an idea.
Likes: Shoes, Shopping, Platinum, Wealth, Popularity. Necromancy.
Dislikes: Apparently Everything Else.
Song(s): Primadonna Girl – Marina and the Diamonds, Barracuda – Hart/Whitesnake
Weapons: Purse, Secreted needles in jewellery, Stilleto heels, pepper spray, taser, pistol
Fighting Style: Cat Fight
Skills/Talents: Necromantic Expert, Excellent Singer, Surprisingly Good at running in heels and playing tennis, Keen Business and Fashion sense. Good Designer and sewer.
• Control over any ghost near her, magnified by her amulet which contains ghost bound to her will at all times
• Ability to manipulate ectoplasm and solidify it so ghosts become corporeal
• Able to possess bodies with ghosts
• Talented at “killing spells” with death magic
• Her powers branch into Entropy, Disease, Life and Death magics, allowing her to heal and harm and as well as use Blood magic to control others.
• The ability to read the scars on souls so she can see their personal strengths and weaknesses
• Can attack with ectoplasm and phantom animals and beings from her medallion
• Can manipulate the blood and body with her magic and voodoo poppets
• Particularly adept at manipulating demons and demon magic with her own spells even without her tools and amulet due to training to resist demonic influences
• Personality as much as training renders her immune to illusions and mind control
• Keen sense for death and magic, particularly death which she can smell and see
• Psychometric power based on her senses, usually touch and smell can trigger it
• Can turn intangible using her medallion.
• Her medallion is often the focus for most of her powers and her steady supply of ghosts for the most part
• Needs to be able to speak or gesture to cast, speech is crucial for the more complex spells, gestures are needed for most things
• Usually needs tools to cast her most elaborate spells and to control others.
• Targetting enemies out of line of sight require sympathetic connections.
• Cannot stop seeing and hearing ghosts without basically meditating herself into a deep trance. This is partly why she had to become cold and aloof...otherwise she’d never stop helping the ghosts that came to her.
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