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Pride High Shipping list

Postby Darkness1 » Sat Dec 12, 2009 7:24 am

So Candy and I were talking just now and we ended up deciding on making a shipping list. Some of them are unconventional but it's fun, we've gone over only two characters at the moment but more shall appear as we continue to make them. So here are Travis (Still) and Alex (Reality Check):


Travis / chip britshipping

Travis/Kale: Bromanceshipping

Travis / Claire: Steamshipping

Travis/Gryf: timidshipping

Dion: Alphashipping

Travis / Dani: Dangershipping

Travis / Faye: echoshipping

Travis / Will: don'tgothereshipping / foeshipping

Travis / Locke: icebergshipping

Travis / Thomas: euroshipping / libidoshipping

Travis/ Madi : Headacheshipping

Travis / Cam: huntershipping / arrogantshipping

Travis / Kiran : guardianshipping

Travis / Sofia: cynicshipping


Alex/ Travis: goodguyshipping

Alex / Cam: illusionshipping

Alex/ Thomas: delusionshipping

Alex / Faye: deceptionshipping

Alex / Kiran: mirageshipping

Alex/ Iggy: creativeshipping

Alex / Dani: puppyshipping

Alex / Madi : perkyshipping
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