DC Lanterns in Pride High (Just for Fun)

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DC Lanterns in Pride High (Just for Fun)

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The Seven Lights Over Pride High

Which ring would find Suravi? Would Jorge be appealing to any corps in particular? Could Scotch Bonnet find a place in any rank? Would Craig rise again as a black lantern? (I expect Revenant would he just wont stay dead...)

You tell me!

Corps Details follow but when supplying a character please fill out this form:
Reason: (try supply more than one)
Motto: (if they have their own or just cite the motto of their corps)

The Corps of the Spectrum


Red Lanterns
“With blood and rage of crimson red,
Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,
Together with our hellish hate,
We'll burn you all--That is your fate!”

Base World: Ysmault
Creator(s): Atrocitus (The Five Inversions)

History: The Green Lanterns were once Manhunter robots created by the Guardians, however these robots instead chose to enact a new policy that would prevent chaos and promote order leading to a test run in Sector 666 – and the extermination of everyone in there. Only five survivors remained and Atrocitus was one of these, consumed by rage he manifested the red light of rage and used the lantern to murder the other four survivors, turning their blood into the foundation of his corps, making from his dead comrades’ blood a Central Power Battery on the planet of Ysmault where they were contained.

Goals: To use the Red Light of Rage to exterminate the Sinestro Corps and Guardians and Green Lanterns. They generally lack the rationale to plan and go for onslaughts and reactions rather than war and strategy.

Recruitment: “You have great rage in your heard - - You Belong to the Red Lantern Corps” The Red Lantern Rings don’t ask permission, they seek out people with great rage in their hearts and latch on once they do the person becomes little more than a snarling beast, while capable of higher thought they are easily enraged and become berserkers and brutes very quickly.

Appearance: The Red Lanterns are surrounded by a rough and misshapen aura; they can just barely shape their constructs and are always bleeding from the mouth with the blood-like energy of their light. Most Red Lanterns care little for their appearance; they are often frightening and brutal, wearing their uniform and rarely any other adornments. The power of their ring infuses them with a red glow that can alter their bodies quite often and regenerate with red light missing appendages such as wings or arms in the cases of lanterns born with them.

• Blood and Bile – The Red Lanterns have their blood replaced with red light the moment they don their ring, as such they can use it to keep themselves alive even if they lose their heart or take serious damage
• Inspire Rage – Red lanterns can inspire rage in targets to refill their rings, they also usually use blood from their enemies to recharge but can use rage, this affect also causes other rings such as yellow and green in particular to cease functioning properly by clouding the mind of its wielder
• Caustic Rage – the red light is able to burn and melt, the energy expelled by red lanterns can destroy a black lantern faster than it can regenerate and eat through the constructs of orange, yellow, black and green light. Generally they can’t shape this light beyond a very simple form.

• Bound by Rage: Rage is a powerful force and so far from the centre of the spectrum it causes chaos, once the ring is worn the mind of the wearer is overcome with rage at best they rant, at worst the make animal snarls and guttural noises. Their minds are impaired greatly reducing their ability to do anything other than fight and kill. Even their rings shout only “KILL”, “HATE”, “RAGE”, etc rather than provide useful commentary like other rings.
• Death or War: Remove a red ring and you die, you can never leave the corps unless a blue lantern helps you but you will never want to leave the corps because for you there is only rage and hatred.
• Other Light Sensitivity: Blue light has been shown to be particularly effective and violet light seems to overwhelm red rage with its love. Blue rings with the help of green lanterns can destroy a red ring and allow a blue lantern to heal them without dying.

Orange Agents
“Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! (Said very fast)”

Base World: Okarra
Creator(s): Larfleeze

History: Larfleeze was a thief, a member of a thief’s guild who stole a secret that lead them to the orange light of Avarice the Guardians wanted kept hidden. Larfleeze and the guild turned on each other from the power of the light and their own selfish greed and gluttony until they tore one another apart and only Larfleeze remained. The Guardians gave him a galaxy so he could be kept out of their way and pacified...sadly that has since changed and with his Orange Agents Larfleeze the greediest glutton in the galaxy for millions of years now insatiable in his desires.

Goals: Quite simply the Orange Agents want it all. Everything. The rarer it is the more valuable. The more common it is the more there is to have. The bigger the better. The smaller the more precious. Everything material is what they want, is that so much to ask?

Recruitment: “You have great greed in your heard – You Want It All”. The Orange Agents are usually greedy beings that Larfleeze killed for possessing something he wanted or trying to take what he had. He released a ring against his will and it immediately honed in on a megalomaniac.

Appearance: Orange Lanterns are always bathed in orange light because usually they are the agents of Larfleeze whom he has killed and from the moment of their death they rise as his constructs to do his bidding as his slaves. Many lanterns might wear more than one power ring or even clutch their lantern to themselves, never willing to let it be out of their sight. Most are insane or at least detached from reality.

• Slaves to Greed: When an orange lantern kills with their power they can construct the elaborate form of that being as a pawn. This pawn effectively becomes an Orange Agent itself and can operate independently for the will of its enslaver.
• Glutton for Power: Orange Agents have seemingly endless power probably from the fact many clutch at their lanterns or wield multiple rings. This allows them to pull energy from the source though at the risk of leaving their lantern vulnerable, some simply use deceased enemies as their puppets and then reclaim the energy for a boost.
• Resistant Siphon: The Orange agents are resistant to energies and other spectrums particularly magic; they can drain the energy for themselves from red yellow and green lanterns to continue their charge.

• Boundless Greed – when you don the orange ring you become engulfed with hunger, an insatiable hunger that detaches you from reality and logic, all that remains is the want, the NEED to possess things, everything, you don’t even need to need it for any reason it’s all you want, people, things, spaces and places and one is never enough your logic ALWAYS justifies wanting it.
• Slave to the Glutton – whenever you don the ring you are enslaved to Larfleeze and if you are killed to make a lantern you are nothing but his puppets, you may want it all but if you break the rules you get broken into scrap metal by the person that gave you the ring or who killed you to make you one.
• Weakness to Lights – the blue, indigo and violet lights are powerful weapons against the orange lanterns as they are resistant to being drained and damaged by the powers of avarice

Sinestro Corpsmen
“In blackest day, in brightest night,
Beware your fears made into light
Let those who try to stop what's right,
Burn like his power... Sinestro's might!”

Base World: Qward
Creator(s): Sinestro and the Weaponeers

History: Sinestro was once a green lantern but he used his powers to rule his home world through fear, making his people believe all green lanterns were fascist tyrants. When he was cast out of the lanterns he found his way to Qward and tamed the yellow light of fear into his own lantern and light. Soon he created his own corps and laid siege to the Guardians believing that only the Sinestro corps could hope to bring order to the universe

Goals: The sinestro corps has a simple goal, totalitarian control of the galaxy, they want to exterminate the Green Lanterns and their Guardians of Oa and bring harshly enforced order to the universe, believing the green lanterns to have utterly failed at this.

Recruitment: “You have the ability to instil great fear – Welcome to the Sinestro Corps” the rings seek out people who horrify, terrify, intimidate and psychologically maim people, turning them into a corps of enforcers and terrorists, many being infamous across their galaxies before the ring even reaches them.

Appearance: The Sinestro corps wears their uniforms but also tend to look terrifying anyway, they have control over their light structures, as much as the Green Lanterns but usually more geared at causing pain. They tend to be better at elaborate constructs usually favouring representations of their preferred manner of inflicting fear and horror.

• Yellow Impurity – nothing is more effective against green lanterns than the sinestro corps, while they may not immediately dominate a fight they will find it easier to block and to break the constructs of green light.
• Controlled Constructs – sinestro Corps members have the same ease of control over their powers as Green Lanterns, perhaps even more so as they terrify their foes and gain power from that. Their constructs can also be animated and shaped with ease by the focus and desire to dominate within the wielder.
• Fear Drain – the fear they create fuels the yellow rings, they have conquered their own fear in order to become true members of the Corps after completing their rigorous training. This allows them to attack and drain the yellow light of fear at will and thus become dangerous in a fight.

• Orders and Rules – The fascist nature of the Sinestro Corps isn’t just towards the rest of the galaxy, it has strict rules and if you fail to follow them then you will be punished, and your own ring can turn against you and then destroy you if you don’t follow orders.
• Controlled Charging – the lanterns of the yellow lanterns are regulated, they are limited in the amount of power they can take particularly from the core battery and they can be cut off as part of punishment. This means they must get creative and not use up their “rations”
• Weakness to Lights – blue lights drains the power from the yellow rings as hope conquers fear and renders the ring inert and lifeless.

Green Lanterns
“In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power... Green Lanterns Light!”

Base World: Oa
Creator(s): the Guardians

History: The Green Light was found by the Guardians – they used time warping technology to gaze back upon the creation of the universe and there they found the green light of the lanterns. They at first used robots called Manhunters to try and police the universe and maintain order...yet they became inhuman and monstrous, they were taken off duty and instead the guardians recruited from the sectors they desired to protect. They attempted to stop the prophecy of darkest night but lost control of the situation and have become distant from all emotions, causing conflict within their corps and with the other corps around them.

Goals: The goals of the green lanterns are to maintain order and balance in the universe, to wash away evil and to protect the sectors they police. They follow orders and are there to prevent death destruction and chaos however they have since become detached from emotion in their efforts to prevent the Blackest Night coming.

Recruitment: “You have great power of will – welcome to the Green Lantern Corps”. The Green Lanterns are courageous, just and determined, it takes immense willpower to prove you worthy of wearing the ring. The Green Lanterns lose power when they get afraid and that requires a courageous heart.
Appearance: Green Lanterns don their individual uniforms and fight with constructs limited only by imagination, their constructs tend to reflect their personality and sense of self, being more accurate and detailed the closer it is to the nature of the wielder.

• Complete Construct – willpower allows the lanterns to fuel their rings and thus permits them the ability to do more with their charged rings than other corps, being able to hone the details on their shapes finely and create constructions close to their personalities.
• Known symbol – the symbol of the green lanterns is known across the galaxy and as such it carries its own kind of weight for getting permissions and respect that other corps will not be so easily able to obtain.
• Fusion Might – the green lantern ring doesn’t affect its wielder, it gives them full control, this also allows them to help focus other lights, when combined with the lights of other emotions green can empower their goals and is crucial in the destruction of black lanterns.

• Yellow Impurity: the green lanterns aren’t particularly strong alone against any of the other colours but they are quite weak to the yellow colours, while a great deal of this weakness was removed they still retain a diminished capacity against the yellow light and can lose all power if successfully scared into losing their will.
• Order Restriction – when the lanterns sign up the they become bound to the rules of the corps preventing murder unless sanctioned and meaning that should they try to break a rule or take a life they will find their ring totally unresponsive or in some extreme cases the ring will abandon the user

Blue Lanterns
“In fearful day, in raging night,
with strong hearts full, our souls ignite,
when all seems lost in the War of Light,
Look to the stars-- For hope burns bright!”

Base World: Odym
Creator(s): Ganthet and Sayd

History: Ganthet and Sayd were Guardians who could no longer turn their back on emotion, fearing the oncoming Blackest Night; they separated from the Guardians and forged their own lantern corps based around the elusive feelings of Hope. They settled on the peaceful planet of Odym, a paradise where they forged their blue Lantern and sought out the hopeful few who not only held on to hope but also inspired it in others.

Goals: The Blue Lanterns are ambassadors and peaceful beings that protect the universe and promote hope and joy in the hearts of others, they are selfless and honest and generally more than willing to face danger with hope in their hearts.

Recruitment: “You have the ability to instil great hope – all will be well”. The Blue Lanterns are small in number being a new corps but also one that has the most trouble recruiting others as hope can be an elusive thing to hold on to, if a member loses hope they will lose their ring and so there can be a high turnover.

Appearance: Blue Lanterns are neat and respectful, usually exuding an aura of calm and good nature, being soft spoken and gentle, their constructs are like a crystalline fluid in many ways, being easy on the eye though they often prefer to use less showy displays of power and different aspects to their ring applications such as healing or presenting images of hope.

• Powered by Will – when the Green and Blue Corps are united they are virtually unstoppable, they power each other, a blue lantern can double the power of a green lanterns maximum charge and refill its power, while a green lantern can grant the blue lanterns the ability to do even more, to heal and project constructs and even reignite stars.
• Healing Spirit – the Blue Lanterns are master healers, they can heal almost anything including the loss of a red ring by a red lantern that has effectively been drained of blood and life force. This can be empowered without the hope of others for instance to the point where they can ignite a sun because of the hope a nearby planet has for this miracle, something they would need more power and a green lanterns presence to do normally
• Empowerment of Hope – the blue lanterns can project calming images of hope into the mind of targets, allowing them heal the red rage, drain the yellow fear and boost the clarity and focus of the other colours. The calming images are the hopes of the target brought to the fore and given sight to their minds.

• Without willpower – Without a green lantern nearby a blue lantern can only fly and shield them, unless a vast source of hope is available they cannot heal or form constructs at all. Thus they are left relatively defenceless without the green lanterns nearby.
• Hopeful Heart – Hope is elusive, true hope is, without a hopeful heart that is genuine a user is unsuitable and the ring goes in search of another host. The numbers of blue lanterns are few and thus their power is limited by their numbers. If a person loses hope they lose their ring, it may return, or it may disappear, in addition they are pacifists for the most part, being unwilling to take another life and in some cases unable to due to their hope for all life.
• Dangers of Charging – too many blue lanterns can offer a problem, and if they charge in the presence of a green lantern it can be even more so. The powers of a blue lantern can cause feedback and overcharge a green lantern, this causes the ring of the green lantern to explode and in all likelihood take the hand of the green lantern with it at least.

Indigo Tribe
“Tor lorek san, bor nakka mur,
Natromo faan tornek wot ur,
Ter lantern ker lo Abin Sur,
Taan lek lek nok -- Formorrow Sur!”

Base World: Unknown (Mobile/Nomadic)
Creator(s): Unknown (Possibly Abin sur)

History: Next to nothing is known about the Indigo Tribe only that they are nomadic and group together, they are few in number but long established, moving on foot until they have need of their powers to move them. Their language is unknown and untranslatable to even the power rings which catalogue all known languages. They are extremely powerful and despite wielding the indigo light of compassion they are not afraid to fight, indeed they are ideal allies in the fight against the black lanterns.

Goals: To promote compassion and selflessness throughout the universe, they move on a constant pilgrimage and lead meagre lives to maintain this; they promote empathy and understanding as they travel and are careful to maintain their energy.

Recruitment: “You have the ability to feel great compassion - - Welcome to the Indigo Tribe”. The light of true compassion is rare in most beings, true selfless emotion is hard to come by and as such it is few who join the indigo tribe.

Appearance: The Indigo Tribe forsakes comforts and luxuries to take up the staff and ring of their tribe and don body paint and humble clothing as they begin a pilgrimage together to foster compassion in the hearts of the universe. All Indigo Tribe members speak another language and wear body paint and apparently homemade clothes if fur and rough fabric.

• Empathic Synergy – the Indigo Tribe possesses the ability to copy and absorb the lights of other corps if they can identify it either by touch or by “sampling” the energy, while large blasts can be too much to sample and they must not be aligned with another emotion or they cannot copy, this particular power makes the Indigo Tribe a force to be reckoned with.
• Sense of Compassion – the touch of an Indigo Tribesman can cause a character to feel all the pain they have inflicted in life, truly cruel and callous people may shrug this off however they will not do as easily as they may find an immense well of pain from their lives backed up.
• Teleportation Jump – The Indigo Tribe are able to move between one place and another, they use emotions as anchors, most particularly they seem to use the intense emotions of other corps’ to lock onto targets, it takes some energy to do especially with the amount of people being larger or smaller.

• Limited Power – the indigo light is not plentiful, indigo tribe’s people are more limited than any other corps and must maintain their humble, selfless lives in order to retain their power, even so there is only a small amount available to them and they cannot be frivolous in its use.
• Irreplaceable Energy – compassion is rare, its powers are fuelled by only compassion, no other light will suffice, and for all the special abilities a tribesman must use their own light energy. They cannot use the other lights they have absorbed or copied by touch and may only use the same amount of energy as they absorbed.
• Dangers of Selfishness – if a tribe member becomes selfish, if they lose their compassion, they will lose all power, as such there is danger in orange light for the indigo members, they could end up losing their power entirely if they absorb orange light or try to wield it.

Star Sapphires
“For hearts long lost and full of fright,
For those alone in blackest night,
Accept our ring and join our fight,
Love conquers all-- With violet light!”

Base World: Zamoran
Creator(s): The Zamorans and Queen Aga’po

History: When the Guardians decided to become what they are now the women of the race were not happy, they didn’t want to forsake all emotions for willpower, so they left; it was no major loss in many ways as they had become immortal and no longer needed to breed. The women searched for love and its light across the galaxy until they found two crystallized skeletons glowing with violet light, these two bodies had loved one another so much that between them they had created a violet crystal, the Star Sapphire. At first the star sapphires would latch onto a woman of powerful emotion and turn her into a lethal force who would eventually crystallize her planet to preserve it in love, but after realising they too had become as obsessed with the violet light as the guardians had with the green the Zamorans forged a ring and battery from the star sapphire and created a corps.

Goals: to protect and foster love across the galaxy and save it when it is in jeopardy, this is love in all forms, that of paternal, fraternal or romantic love. The Star sapphires try to prevent the loss of love and can sense it across the galaxy when two hearts are in danger.

Recruitment: “You have great love in your heart - -Love Conquers All”. Once the star Sapphires were jealous, obsessive, vicious parasite gems, but now they are champions of love wielding the power of the violet light of love. Instead of taking control as the Red Rings do or other rings can, they can only recruit if their offer is accepted by the potential wielder. They seek out people who have a hole in their heart or those who feel intense love, and then they offer themselves to the person, if they are accepted the subject is encased in violet crystal and infused with love.

Appearance: The corps is predominantly women, though men can be invited to join, and they often wear star sapphires on their headbands as well as their power rings. The costumes are violet and usually very skimpy. The star sapphires are well groomed and have very ornate auras, being detailed and resembling vines and feathers and elegant patterns in their formation.

• True Love’s Power – The Star Sapphires can show people their true loves and sense the power of love especially when it is in jeopardy, no one but the users can see what their love is but this power gives revelation to the users and makes them aware of their hearts desires. Not only that but if the love between two people is real the Star Sapphires can revive one from the dead if the other is living and still loving.
• Violet Crystals – The Star Sapphire can create crystal constructs that are resistant to red and orange lights in particular, when broken these crystals become a cloud of disorientating dust. The crystals can be used to encase enemies and once inside them the enemy is converted very slowly into a Star Sapphire by being bombarded by memories of love.
• Universal Heartbeat – The Star Sapphires can hear the heartbeat of the universe, they can find love under siege and project themselves across the galaxy with incredible speed, moving in a streak of light to protect the love in danger, not only that but they can track the heartbeat of someone they love or is in love if they have met.

• Obsessive Determination – The violet light infuses the wearer with love, but it makes them more obsessed with the objectives of the star sapphires, it doesn’t stop them killing but it may push them to use more force than necessary to protect love. In addition it never leaves the person; they are always filled with violet light and generally cannot stop themselves following the orders of their leaders.
• The Predator – The star sapphires are at risk of possession by a being called the predator, this dangerous and jealous side of love can find a home in some form or another if a star sapphires obsession burns out of control, if they are spurned or betrayed by their love they can become very dangerous indeed as the predator motivates them to selfish and dangerous love where their mind is no longer their own.
• Black Immunity – the black lanterns feel no love, though constructs can be used to harm them the crystals pose no threat to the black lanterns, they are free of emotion and particularly of love meaning the crystals can barely slow them down. Star Sapphire can only gain an advantage by working with the Green Lanterns. Otherwise they have no benefits against the black lanterns and their special powers are particularly useless.

Black Lanterns:
“The Blackest Night falls from the skies,
The darkness grows as all light dies,
We crave your hearts and your demise,
By my black hand--The dead shall rise!”

Base World: Ryut
Creator(s): Nekron and The Black Hand

History: The Black Lanterns are a bizarre abomination; they inflict themselves upon life seeking to plunge existence into death and nothingness once more. The Black Lanterns were forged in the darkness of Nekrons realm of death and bridged by William Hand with whom death had always been close. Upon his death William Hand became the first of the Black Lanterns and became the emissary as they charged to welcome Nekron into the world as predicted in the prophecies of “Blackest Night”. Though dead and mad Black Hand proved even more dangerous as he began reviving those who would post inspire emotional responses in others.

Goals: to plunge the world back into nothingness, the end of everything, the extermination of all light so that death could overwhelm life.

Recruitment: “Rise!” The Black Lanterns only latch onto the dead – once they do the ring becomes a focal point of their existence, it animates the body, downloads the memories and mutates them into the zombie creatures of the Black Lantern Corps.
Appearance: The Black Lanterns are undead, some in better condition than others but all are sadly distinctly dead, they create inky black substance constructions and always have blank eyes and the black hand insignia on them.

• Regeneration – the Black Rings allow their wielders to regenerate any injury, they cannot be destroyed or rendered inert without the destruction of their rings. They can regenerate from virtual nothingness as long as their ring exists.
• Spectrum Perception – the Black Lanterns can perceive the colours of the spectrum, red for rage, green for will, violet for love, etc. They use this to hunt down intense emotion and when the heart is most full they tear it out with a special power to reach into the chest. It lets them determine the living, the dead and those aligned with a light corps.
• Memories of Life – the Black Lanterns recall skills, memories and can use the powers or abilities of those they were in life. While this is fake it allows them to influence people their body knew in life to promote intense emotion and eventually fill the heart with viable feelings to feel.

• Fear the Light – white light and light users are at an advantage against the corps, the former can destroy them using the light of life that is beyond the spectrum while the latter is a powerful tool in banishing darkness and with enough power can destroy a black ring and thereby defeat its wearer.
• Combined light – if the green lanterns join with any of the other lights they can render a black ring sanitized and permit conventional force to destroy it. They must work together and blast the ring or it will remain invulnerable
• Healing Revulsion – healing energies can cause the black lanterns to retreat and even harm them, they can recompose their faced to more resemble who they were in life, but a healing power burns them, melts this disguise and can even destroy them if strong enough, a barrage of all the emotions is a healing and purifying source for some but to the black lanterns it is imminent destruction.

So who belongs where?
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Postby candyman1989 » Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:01 am

Oh H, you of all people should know how cruel posting this was to me. This will consume my brain damn you.

Character: Dr Alexander
Corps: Blue Lantern Corps
Reason: –With each student she see’s the potential to be a hero.
-Within her students she inspires hope, in the form of reaching her standard.
Motto: Leave the world better then how you found it.

Character: Gryphon
Corps: Indigo Tribe
Reason: –His origin in power mimicry gives him an element of putting himself in other people shoes.
-Empathy is different from compassion but the two are similar in many respects.
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Postby Darkness1 » Mon Jan 18, 2010 3:08 pm

Oh H, Will is dead enough that even the black lanterns can't bring him back.

Character: Dani
Corps: Green
Reason: while not always being the bet natured Dani will always try to do the righ thing and like the green corps she's well known as a dogooder that she carries authority.

Character: Alex Essex
Corps: Orange
reason: Have you seen the kid when there's shiny and valuable things around? He was a magpie ina former life. :)
motto: what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine.
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