An awesome project--you need to check it out

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An awesome project--you need to check it out

Postby ShastaB24 » Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:33 am

Some time ago, in light of the rash of gay suicides that had happened, Tommy Corey, one of the bartenders for the gay bar in Redding, decided to put his primary love--photography--to use in order to try and help make sure such things don't happen.

Thus was born the Self Worth Project was born. Tommy writes on his models one of their deepest (if not their deepest) insecurities and then photographs them in a setting generally appropriate to the subject. The pictures are powerful and some can be quite scary--while others are actually fun.

The project is to show anybody who happens upon it that everybody has their insecurities, and possibly that others are struggling with those that they have, as well. Tommy's gotten a bit of press that has been growing in scope for this, and I want to spread news of this project as far as I can. Not just because he's a friend, or because it's a member of the LGBT community doing this, but because this is something I think is important for people to see.

I do find it funny that I am promoting a project started by a Tommy on a board for a comic started by a Tommy. Coincidences are interesting.

And so you know, both Tommy and I want to get a picture taken of myself, but our schedules need to be examined. I generally see him when he's tending the bar, and that's no time to take a picture, as I am sure he uses a lot of equipment.
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