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Halloween costumes?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:04 pm
by ShastaB24
The day is rapidly approaching. Who here is dressing up? What will they be going as? For me, I plan on doing a half-face makeup thing--one half looking emo and sad (downturned eyes, black lipstick, possibly white face paint and makeup to make it look like a tear welling in my eye, maybe a crease painted on the mouth to make it look downturned) and the other half looking sunny and happy (upturned eyes, rosy cheeks, red lipstick with a possible mouth crease that looks like a smile). Might be a lot, but can also be fun due to it being a costume without much fuss, as it wouldn't extend to clothing (which would be hard to coordinate, anyways--it's probably pretty expensive to get half-and-half clothing, and hit-or-miss whether it would be in my size).