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Super Power Fun

Postby TailsofElements » Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:30 pm

So one day at lunch I got bored and decided to give my friends super powers. Well, it exploded unexpectedly and made this. This is my writing and I'm currently working on permission from my friend for his which is much better. Anyways, here we go.

Prologue: The Morning

“You have a test today,” Mrs. Esler announced. The class groaned and the boy in the back flinched as if he just got threatened to be bitch slapped. He fixed his black hair, cut short and flipped up as his emotional brown eyes scanned the room with great feeling. His eyes feel on his friend. He was smiling, a mop of dirty blond hair on his head nearly hiding his sharp green eyes. Matt sighed as Cason gave him the thumbs up. He always passed with a hundred.

Matt turned his eyes towards a short, busty girl with glamorous brown hair and sparkling brown eyes. She hummed a calm tune. Several people in the room began to yawn, barely awake this early in the morning. Morgan fixed her hair and smiled at him then turn to talk to a boy with a similar type of hair as Cason’s with an unkempt goatee on his face and blue eyes that seemed to contain an unknown flame. Jake was one of Matt’s first friends.

This may all seem irrelevant but this is where it all began and these the main people it concerned. Several others play in but these are the four who started it all. This is where Matt made his greatest failure and poison spread through the minds of his friends for this was the day Cason failed his first test.

Chapter 1: The Poison

Mrs. Esler passed out the tests, face down and returned to her desk. “You may begin,” she said as she sat down and began grading homework. Matt noticed a change in the air. He paused and noticed that something was missing. He looked around and spotted Cason squeezing his eyes before grabbing his head in his hands and groaning. Matt gasped. He couldn’t feel it anymore. All the emotions he constantly felt were gone. He was left all alone. The sleepy kids in the class became alert and aware while the classroom chilled. Mrs. Esler stood and walked to the thermostat and smiled when she noticed Cason. She had done something to him, Matt thought, and to me.
“Are you okay Cason?” Matt asked as the left the classroom. He could feel the emotions return to him and he inwardly groaned. Cason’s aura was unmistakably dismal.

“I’m fine,” Cason snapped as the headed down the hall with Morgan and Jake. Matt noticed a slight anger erupt from the three of them. He was tempted to say what he knew to say but he refrained. Last time he used his power, he changed Jake’s personality completely.

“Well, I see you guys in theater. See ya Jake!” Matt waved as he headed to Biology. Cason grumbled as he stormed off to physics. Philip and Courtney walked the opposite direction.

“Where are you two going? Class is this way,” Cason asked.

“We have a band thing,” Philip said quickly before they disappeared down the stairs with Courtney. Cason snarled before entering his class to be greeted by Daniel.

The first seed is planted.
Megan sat in a chair awaiting her friends. The theater around her was loud with the noise of the rest of the class but Megan sat still, her face like slate. “What’s with the gloom?” A voice said behind her. Megan shouted and fell out of the chair onto the ground, hard. “Are you okay?”

“Don’t sneak up on me Will!” Megan shouted at him, “And yea, it didn’t even hurt.” Will grabbed her hand and helped her up. She pushed her dirty blond hair out of her face revealing her bright smile and green eyes. Will smiled back holding her gaze with his own light blue pair. Cason stormed in and threw his stuff on the ground.

“Cason, what’s wrong?” Will asked. Cason pushed past them and Megan slightly recoiled as he touched them both. Will noticed they were still holding hands and let go, sliding his hands through his short, light brown hair. Megan blushed and Will turned slightly paler, as if someone was erasing him. Matt walked in with a hurt look. “What’s with Cason?”

“I don’t know,” Matt lied. He spied Ashley and Ismael trying to talk to him but turned away as soon as they touched him. “Something weird is going around the school. Daniel snubbed me when I said hi. Morgan walked in.

“He’s still grumpy?” Morgan asked. Matt nodded. “I’ll try to cheer him up.” Morgan walked over and Matt watched closely and focused on Morgan’s aura. He gasped as it flared red that turned black like Cason’s. Cason stood up and pushed past Julian as he headed backstage. Julian’s aura mimicked Morgan’s.

Matt looked around trying to spot if anyone else was like this. So far only the ones he saw. He sighed and knew what he had to do. He closed his eyes and concentrated, sending the worst emotion would ever send to the whole school. The emotion of fear…. of Cason. Matt collapsed to the ground suddenly and the last thing he heard was Megan scream.

While he has succeeded, he has already failed. The seeds are now sown and the only shovel that exists is comatose. Pray for the future to change or else their dark trees will bloom and may the world fear.
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Postby TailsofElements » Mon Oct 20, 2008 9:41 pm

Okay so I'm a writer bunny right now so bam!

Chapter 2: The birth

“What’s wrong with him?” A dark haired woman asked.

“It seems he has fallen into a coma. The source is unknown except that some extreme mental strain was forced upon his mind,” The doctor asked. The woman sat and began to weep as a man comforted her.


Laura gasped from where she sat. It was the third time today. First foreseeing Matt’s faint just in time to catch him followed by the sight of the future to come if nothing was done and now this vision. She had felt what everyone else had felt for now the room was split. Cason sat in the audience surrounded by Morgan, Ismael, Ashley, and Julian while the rest of the class sat on the stage minus Will who seemed to have left for the restroom.

Laura sat there silent. She knew all that was to come one way or another. Visions from years ago along with the ones from yesterday where she spent most of the day in bed seeing. She knew of Cason’s power, the ability to read and manipulate minds, and that of his dark crew he had assembled. It wasn’t her right though. She had no need to see the future and that is why she had always stayed silent, till now.

“Marti,” Laura whispered to the girl next to her, “I must tell you something but you must not question why I know it or anything else from me.” Marti looked at her weirdly before nodding. “I do this because I know you have the mind of many creatures making Cason unable to read your mind.” Marti’s mouth dropped in shock. “You must find them. The heroes. They are around you, powers like yours. You must find them quickly and you must seek for a way for Matt to wake for he is the only one that can destroy the evil in their minds. Keep Megan close, she cannot be harmed. And beware, for those you see are not the only villains.”

“Laura?” Marti asked bewildered. Marti felt a pressure on her mind and fell to her knees. She looked as Cason whose eyes where on her.

“Marti-chan!” Megan said grabbing her, “You aren’t going to collapse too are you?” Marti’s head became clear.

“Megan, don’t let go of me,” Marti said quietly. Behind them Laura stood up and silently left. Cason turned towards Morgan.

“Where is she going?” Megan asked.

“Away,” Marti answered, “Megan, we need to get the others before it starts.”

“What starts?” Megan asked. Morgan began to sing a haunting tune. Everyone around them began to yawn and lay down.

“This,” Cason said with a smirk before walking outside as students fled his presence.

“What is going on?” Megan asked. Suddenly Aaron vanished from the stage. Hannah was kneeling on the floor when she began to grow slightly.

“They resist us,” Ismael said with a slight hiss.

“Marti-chan?” Megan asked, fear layering her voice.

“Go grab Hannah, Megan,” Marti ordered before her form began to change. In her place stood a white tiger that growled at Ismael as he began to transform into a hideous creature.


Cason walked the halls with a smirk as people fled his presence. He had a few pick ups on his list. He passed by Logan who stood there glaring at him. Cason smirked and struck at her mind only to feel it strike himself. He blinked and Logan was gone. “A challenge,” Cason smirked, “I enjoy challenges.” He focused at a nearby wall before stalking off.

A scarf floated down from above. Kelsey swooped down and grabbed it before taking off. Behind the wall stood Rachel who took in a deep breath as the ice melted around her and the water at her feet solidified into Paige.

“That was close,” Rachel said.

“Now I know what Aaron meant when Cason can hear your thoughts,” Paige said as her arm returned to normal.

“Clever thinking on freezing our minds,” Rachel said with a smile, “What now?”

“Now, we find Laura,” Paige answered.

“For another prophecy? She swore she would never again,” Rachel explained.

“Not according to Aaron,” Paige said, “He’s really good at knowing things he shouldn’t. From all our powers to what we say, that creeper. We need to find Matt, his empathy can find Laura. Theater right?”

“That’s where Cason came from,” Rachel answered.

“We better hurry,” Paige said as she sprinted to the theater, Rachel right on her tail.
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Postby Darkness1 » Tue Oct 21, 2008 9:50 am

I like the spin you've put on reality, and now you've given me plot bunnies. Damn you! :P
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