Perry Moore's Hero needs your help!

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Perry Moore's Hero needs your help!

Postby Verdant » Fri Sep 11, 2009 11:44 am

Hey everyone,

If you're as much of a fan of Hero as I am, lend a hand to the author of the book, Perry Moore. I just stamped my letter, my first one ever to a network ;).

Perry Moore wrote:Hi all!
The reason I'm writing is that it is finally the "do-or-die" time at Showtime, whereupon they pick the pilots scripts to be made into piilots, and subsequently series--or conversely it's the time when they tell you that you don't have a place on their schedule.

So I'm writing in the hopes that you may listen to my plea to all fans of HERO, of a pioneering tale of the first gay lead all on his own of his own show. It's simply too special for me to let it go without imploring our community to bond together and to let Showtime know that we are indeed ready for this show. HERO, as you know is not simply a show about a gay superhero. It is an intriguing, complex tale about the coming of age of an amazing hero who must face and overcome incredible challenges, and oh yeah, he happens to be gay.

The time for this show is now.

Please let Showtime know--because we're the ones ahead of the curve, and like the panoply of characters in HERO, we are old and young, black & white, big and small, but always great--all of us have overcome difficulties to get where we are—since there is a now a ONE-WEEK COUNTDOWN before they decide whether to make HERO into a series

This is a show FOR EVERYONE. Anyone who's read the book can tell you that.

Ultimately, it all boils down to this: author Perry Moore is making a deeply, timely heartfelt plea to all who will listen:

Please write the wonderfully talented (and gay) President of Showtime, Robert Greenblatt, a fine man by my estimation, to embrace destiny here, step up to the plate, and make HERO. Give it the greenlight. Stop the hate. Inspire and delight and spellbind with this show about a very special character who happens to be gay.

All letters can be addressed to:
Robert Greenblatt
Showtime Networks
10880 Wilshire Avenue, 16th floor
Los Angeles, CA 90024

It's a story and series that's long overdue.
Thank you for listening to this passionate author's heartfelt plea.
Perry Moore, author of HERO
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