Cross-promotion: check out this comic

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Cross-promotion: check out this comic

Postby ShastaB24 » Fri Jan 21, 2011 2:45 am

I wanted to cross-promote the two comic sites which I frequent most (whih have message boards that allow you to do such a thing), just to get the word ot on both. So here I go: is a site with a rather interesting array of characters. It is primarily a message board, but does have its own comics section, as well. These comics are currently dominated by three series: Time Rider, Deadlaw and Sugar Skulls.

Time Rider, created by Tim Frady, is a good ol' boy from the 1940s who, through a military experiment, gains the ability to travel through time. He must deal with the possible ramifications of changing past events (like stopping the attack on Pearl Harbor so he can save his brother who died there--only to drastically alter the future) while also helping to save the world alongside a government time travel organization and various other heroes plucked from different points in history.

Deadlaw is another Tim Frady comic about a man who comes back from death with supernatural powers. He is not afraid to kill the criminals he runs across and also deals with different supernatural obstacles.

Sugar Skulls is a comic by Noe Gonzalez about a man who, after dying on Day of the Dead, comes back for vengeance. He must offer the hearts of his victims to the Aztec god of the underworld, and may be losing his soul in the process.

It should be noted that Tim Frady's work is primarily 3D-generated images, and some of his covers are obviously alterations of covers made by Marvel or DC, but it is easy to forget this as one reads the work. Time Rider also has a few issues on the site which are hard to get to, since the story was rebooted along the way, but if one can find them, they are an interesting read to see the character's progression.
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