DC and Marvel animated movies--what do you want to see?

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DC and Marvel animated movies--what do you want to see?

Postby ShastaB24 » Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:04 pm

I just got finished watching Batman: Year One last night and it got me thinking about DC's tendancy lately to directly adapt storylines from their comics rather than create similar or wholly new ones. I like their tendancy to try and keep the animation in the books' art style.

On the flipside, I know Marvel has really only one such adaptation, without the same feeling about mirroring the art, with Planet Hulk.

I was wondering what you guys might want to see, and speculate how likely it is. My choices:

Doom Patrol: Crawling Through the Wreckage--it's a great story that began Morrison's run, and I think Richard Case's art would translate well to animation. Subsequent movies could be done of the Red Jack storyline, the Brotherhood of Dada storyines, shorts based on the one-off issues, or whatever else they wanted. While I'd love them to adapt Rachel Pollack's run, I also think sticking with the most popular run would be important.

For that matter, a Doom Patrol Volume 1 distillation--the My Greatest Adventure version, the one that started it all. It would be great to see them do a film of a team who would be quite difficult to show in live action, with a shocking ending (to those who haven't read the comic) to boot.

Kingdom Come and Justice--two very difficult movies to attempt, due to the detail in the original art, but great stories that would be interesting to see in such a medium.

Secret Wars--it's a wonder Marvel hasn't done this yet. Ostensibly they could say they don't have the rights to all their characters, but that's odd to me, because even though they said they couldn't use Silver Surfer in Planet Hulk for those reasons (since Silver Surfer was in the second Fantastic Four movie, done by Fox), they used Wolverine in Hulk Vs. (even though he's famously in the X-Men movies, also by Fox--and let's not forget that they used Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike and Deadpool, who are also in those movies).

JLA/Avengers--just because. It'll never happen, but it's fun to dream. Also, I would have said Marvel vs. DC, but everyone knows which one's better.

Time Breakers--to round it off, Rachel Pollack's most loved story. Chris Weston's art would look great in an animated version, and the story itself could work so well as a film--though I could see them wanting to go live action on it.
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Postby Danny_the_'Net » Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:42 pm

I'd love to see them do something with Countdown: The Search for Ray Palmer, or any of their big "Elseworlds" titles like Batman: Red Rain, JLA: The Nail, Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe, or Superman: Red Son. As someone who loves reading about alternate universes and divergent timelines, I truly enjoyed Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, and something along the lines of the aforementioned titles would be interesting to watch.

As for story-arcs, I think it'd be cool to maybe see Identity Crisis made into a Direct-to-DVD movie or something along those lines. Maybe something with Green Arrow's story after the creation of that massive forest in the middle of Star City in the wake of Brightest Day too, to accentuate on this "Robin Hood-esque" qualities as a hero of the people.
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