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Transgender superhero wiki

Postby ShastaB24 » Sat Dec 17, 2011 11:12 pm

Hey, some time ago I created the IT (standing for Intersex and Transgender--I thought it was nifty when I was typing it but now it sounds kinda dumb) Superheroes Wiki (found here). It's a wiki that catalogues intersex and transgender superheroes and supervillains, and I would love people other than me to contribute.

There is the fact, however, that I do have ways I would like things done. For one, I note on the wiki itself about the fact that it must be superheroes or supervillains, not supporting characters (well, unless the supporting characters actually are superheroes or supervillains or have powers), as well as ones that actually are intersex or fall under the transgender umbrella (nobody who is only rumored to do so). However, I would prefer if contributors kept with the format of the other pages already on the wiki. You can look around if need be, but I do have pages for Barn'cle, Masquerade, Stallion, and Ghost from these boards for sure, so you can check those pages if you want (and I haven't included every trans character from the boards because not all of them have pictures I could find, and I like to have pictures with the pages when they're made).

I just feel the wiki is needed. Trans superheroes are horribly invisible in the media, and this can hopefully help to remedy that. I would have done a wholly LGBT wiki, but I wanted a specific focus. Maybe somebody else can create an LGB (or LGBT, if they want) wiki.
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