Cammy's Family Revamp

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Cammy's Family Revamp

Postby The Hellion » Fri Jun 27, 2008 5:34 pm

They were just too big
And while the satirical ideal will remain in place I cut off the dead wood of the family

Changes have been implimented
Things had to be done.

The siblings are still in flux... I've gut 28 to 14 illegitimate - come on I took that joke too far! But I know Alistair and Petra are definites for existance.

And the cousins will appear soon.

So without further ado:


Any questions? Comments? Curiosities?
They're welcome as Cam goes through the tough time of understanding this:
He now has a smaller family
Which means he will kill the ones he wants to kill sooner
So what will he do with all that free time? :roll:


This is what happens when all the computer has is "Paint"


Katarina & Aubrey - founders of MEDUSA and Cam's paternal grandparents - - - - hence the costumes, Golden Age and Silver Age styles! Yayness
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Postby Sage » Fri Jun 27, 2008 10:29 pm

XD Voldemort told Bellatrix to cut her family tree too...

So now that the family tree is smaller, ARE THE GRAMPS UP FOR FIGHTING?! I mean, um, learning from? :D
Is this thing on?
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Postby The Hellion » Sat Jun 28, 2008 3:17 am

Nope katarina and Aubrey are deceased...well as deceased as Ashton's get. Dead unless they've vitally required for someones arc and even then VITALLY is no understatement

I need to get back to the cuzzins and siblings now...hmmm
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Postby Brayon » Sat Jun 28, 2008 5:32 am

A little confused here, but where does Cam fit in the family tree here?
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Postby The Hellion » Sat Jun 28, 2008 5:42 am

Katarina + Aubrey
Nicholas (father) + Adrienne (mother)
Cam & Alistair
Various and Sundry Half Siblings

I think I actually will make a family tree just for the novelty
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Postby Brayon » Sat Jun 28, 2008 5:46 am

Coolness.... Thanks Hellion.
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Postby The Hellion » Mon Jul 14, 2008 3:59 pm

Cut way down on the siblings as you will see. Not sure if Peter exists anymore, care to comment Deadeas? :D


Alistair Ashton - The Dark Mark - Cameron's only FULL sibling

Petra Verdini - Petrosinella - Cameron's Half Sister Paternal

Lucien Abartine - Lux (Lord) - Half Brother Paternal

Wilhelmina Vaughn - Vectrix - Half Sister Paternal

Romeo & Julio Davidov - Half Brothers Paternal

Cleo Ashton - Stranglehold - Half Sister Paternal

Peter Moore - Vanish - Half Brother Maternal

Nienke Tomlinsson - Hassle - Half Sister Paternal

Luca Du Roex - Fearmonger - Half Brother Maternal

Mercedes "Mercy" Du Roex - Merciful Sight - Half Sister Maternal

Kristopher Du Roex - Pyre Lord - Half Brother Maternal

Darcy Aoi - Kaidan - Half Sister Paternal

Victor Von Warnov - Wyrd - Half Brother Maternal

Ransom Prince - Superfreak - Half Brother Paternal

Next up: Cousins!!!

Also if you have any questions etc about the family members ask
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Postby Deadeas » Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:50 pm

Peter is is alive and well in New Hudson...Which you all may soon hear about. if I can be bothered to type about it.
Drake/Iron Crusader: Masterminds - ISC
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Postby The Hellion » Sat Aug 09, 2008 2:06 pm



Last intsallment, this is now the entiriety of Cam's family - his cousins

Elias - The Son of Stafford
Neil - The adopted Son of Thompson
Vincente - The created "Son" of Roshalyn

Ava - The Daughter of Yelena
David - The Son of Damascus
Arizander - The Son of Vespyr

Brief Bios will come later I want to finish them all so I can order them properly
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Postby The Hellion » Mon Aug 11, 2008 4:37 pm

Name: Stanford Ashton
Codename: Nuclear Juggernaut
Age: 45
Profession: Lead Weapons Designer, Key Board Member and Director of Technologies for MEDUSA, Terrorist, Mad Scientist

Family: Ashton Family, Elias Ashton (Son), Dr. Margaret Zola (Deceased), Aubrey & Katarina Ashton (Parents)

Powers: Stanford’s original power was the ability to turn different types of energy, including radiation, into energy and nutrients for his body. However after direct exposure to a prototype fusion core his body mutated.

• Radiation Absorption – Stanford Absorbs copious amounts of Radiation on a pretty regular basis. If he was a good guy he could disarm nuclear warheads, as he can siphon all irradiation from an area or object on a whim. At the same time he generates a huge amount of it in an aura that is only contained by his suit.
• X-Ray Vision – Stanford can focus his eyes to see through most materials. It also allows him to see perfectly in the ark.
• Heat Generation – While he can’t generate radiation beyond his ambient field, Stanford is able to generate intense heat from his body something he can focus especially well with his suit. The heat can become white hot and melt steel like butter or can simply be used to torture his victims.
• Bio Form Durability – Due to the fusion particles he absorbed affecting his body on numerous planes of reality Stanford appears to be nothing more than an irradiated green skeleton, however he is in fact shrouded with a Bio field, his tissue and organs were dissolved into this field and it grants him immense physical durability as well as no need to eat, drink or sleep (though he requires a “feast” of radiation very frequently.) He has also retained his durability against most forms of energy attack.

Weaknesses: Stanford’s weaknesses include:
• Lead – his powers cannot permeate lead, even his generated heat is decreased in affectivity on the metal.
• Radiation Exhaustion and Dependency – Using his powers can drain away his deposits of radiation unless given a source of radiation to siphon off Stanford will gradually weaken
• Lack of Energy Locking – His energy that he drains can be drained back out by other radiokinetics

Equipment: Concussion Gauntlets, Blast Projector Gauntlets, Flight Pack, Psychic Inhibitor Helmet, EM Damper Armour, Nuclear Energy Inhalers, Protection Field Amplification Unit, Virtual Relay Display Visor, Officers from The Bureau of Weaponry (henchmen)

Personality: Gluttonous around radiation and power he loses focus when given a chance to feed, he bathes in nuclear energy until forced to leave. He is extremely arrogant and pompous, dismissing others as idiots on principal (they are not him ergo they are idiots). He is extremely temperamental and can be pretty unstable

Name: Nicholas Ashton
Codename: Arch-Mind
Age: 42

Profession: Head of Science for MEDUSA, Key Member of the Board of Directors, Megalomaniac, Terrorist, Murderer, Supervillain, Mad Scientist

Family: Children (Lucien, Petra, Romeo & Julio, Ransom, Nienke, Cleo, Wilhelmina, Alistair and Cameron), The Ashtons (Siblings), Aubrey and Katarina Ashton (Parents)

Powers: Nicholas Ashton is one of the worlds most powerful psychics and a gifted scientist, his skills lie mainly towards genius levels a variety of fields, operating a jack of all trades approach to scientific research.
• Telekinesis – One of the most powerful telekinetics in the world Nicholas Ashton has the ability to generate fields of psychic energy to move objects, can generate a telekinetic shield and lift massive weights with psychic energy. His telekinetic application model is a pioneering one as his training maximized his high level abilities and was applied to all telekinetics after him (for instance Drusilla Kensington)
• Psychic-Sense – Nicholas has a psychic sense, though he has no capacity for telepathy he does have a talent for repelling telepathic attack and sensing psychic energy
• Flight – Nicholas can propel himself with telekinesis at a speed of 30-50 mph depending
Weaknesses: Nicholas’ weaknesses include
• Sub par hand to hand combat skills
• Sonics (he can’t block sound attacks)
• Psychic feedback (a strong attack against his shield can cause him great pain)
• Psychic dampeners (obviously)

Equipment: Resources of the MEDUSA empire, The Science Soldiers (henchmen), his Tesla Gun

Personality: Passionate and ruthless he has an honour code of his own and while he kills with no care he will not kill for the sake of killing. He breaks everything but his love for Adrienne down to science, he is devoted to his wife and his science which is why he turned down the position of Executive Director of MEDUSA. Charming but deadly sums him up nicely.

Name: Sophietta Leighton (née Ashton)
Codename: Vanitrix
Age: 35

Profession: CEO of Leigh Cosmetics Incorporated, affiliated with MEDUSA

Family: The Ashtons (Siblings), Aubrey and Katarina Ashton (Parents), Richard Leighton (Husband - Deceased), Beau Silverman (Boyfriend and Bodyguard)

Powers: Sophietta possesses a powerful biokinetic ability and expertise in chemistry
• Shape Shifting – Sophietta can change her appearance and shape at will, though usually not far outside her humanoid form, she can use this to extend her body, make herself almost completely 2D and generate spikes or claws or fangs for self defence
• Mutagenic Touch – Sophietta’s primary power is to change peoples physiology and even granted them mutant powers of a physical nature. She cannot activate certain powers however she can grant others (for instance living hair or skin like stone).
• Prime Condition – her powers make her immune to radiation and poisons of course and increase her strength and speed to peak physical condition

Weaknesses: Sophietta’s biology may be malleable but she does have set weaknesses
• Electricity – the big one, it causes her shape shifting to spiral out of control if a strong enough current passes through her and can also stun her for a time
• Stretch Limits – Sophietta’s body generally needs to stay in its usual dimensions, she can break these to flatten or stretch herself but not for very long, doing so will eventually exhaust her and weaken her

Equipment: Leighton Cosmetics Resources, Mercenary Army, Her Entourage, Pistol Sidearm, knockout perfume

Personality: Sophietta’s ideals are that beauty is only skin deep – however this has fused with her families beliefs in superhuman evolution being paramount. As a result she wants everyone to realize the beauty of the unique and individual whether they want to grasp it or not. Her plans revolve around dangerous mutation of peoples bodies in order to dismiss the idea that beauty is a predetermined thing set by a specific group of publishers and designers. She’s something of a zealot and an expert manipulator…never trust her she’ll just use you as she pleases.

Name: Dr. Roshalyn Ashton
Codename: Lady Toxic
Age: 32

Profession: Exiled Mad Scientist, Ruler of Rose Island, Connections to MEDUSA

Family: The Ashtons (Siblings), Aubrey and Katarina Ashton (Parents), Vincente (Grown Son)

Powers: Roshalyn is a genius in the field of biochemistry and has an incredible IQ.
• Chlorokinesis – Able to summon, mutate and control plants via The Everlasting Green she possesses a greater range than most Chlorokinetics and his an upper level chlorokinetic in terms of power.
• Super Immunity – Roshalyn invented the MEDUSAntibodies and used the Premium ones on herself and her family granting them all radiation, poison and pathogen immunities. Hers were especially strong naturally and she has a greater recovery time to others
• Poison Touch – Roshalyn can secrete a poisonous chemical from her skin, at will she can control its toxicity and acidity.

Weaknesses: While she’s an upper tier chlorokinetic Roshalyn possesses several weaknesses
• Wither or uproot her plants and she can’t activate them
• A large amount of salt deactivates her poison touch and turns it into a harmless liquid
• Chloroform and toxins still affect her but for a shorter time
• Roshalyn has some hand to hand combat skill but only a limited amount, she’d something of a pushover in unarmed fighting

Equipment: Dart Gun, Bio Blaster, Chemical Remote, Tribesmen Henchmen, Biochemical weaponry, MEDUSA Resources

Personality: Roshalyn lacks empathy beyond a sort of casual regard for family and companions, for her everything is about her research and science – when she gave a man gills and made it impossible for him to live on land she simply shrugged it off and pointed out that 2/3rds of the world is covered in water so she had given him a larger space to live in. She isn’t evil per se but her disregard for human life compensates for that…she’ll kill you just for interrupting her

Name: Veronica Ashton
Codename: Loss
Age: 36

Profession: Assassin, Director of STHENO branch of MEDUSA, Director of Assassinations

Family: The Ashtons (Siblings), Aubrey and Katarina Ashton (Parents), Carmelita K (girlfriend)

Powers: Veronica is a master martial artist and trained in pretty much every weapon.
• Master Martial Artist – Veronica has a preference for Thai Kick Boxing, Tae Kwon Do and Jujitsu but is proficient enough in most forms of martial arts to be also quite capable at discerning the dynamics of a martial arts.
• Teleportation – Veronica can teleport any distance on average 40feet in any direction though she can stretch to 60feet if needs be. She teleports in a split second and leaves behind wisps of black smoke.
Weaknesses: Like other members of MEDUSA she has the increased immunities that do not completely protect her.
• Line of Sight – if Veronica teleports to somewhere she is unsure of she risks teleporting into something, she can avoid doing this if she can see something but when she can’t…though she’s used to handling flash bombs to some degree blinding her can be an effective way to keep her off balance

Equipment: Twin Ninjato swords, throwing knives, twin pistols, knuckle dusters, STHENO resources, Assassination Soldier Program (henchmen when she wants them)

Personality: Cool and collected this vampish assassin is heartless and efficient, begging for mercy does no good to her its just a job. Warmth is extended rarely to most though to Carmelita K it is quite frequent by all accounts. When dealing with her never let up because when she senses weakness she will strike with ruthless efficiency.

Name: Thompson Ashton
Codename: Lost Genius
Age: 31
Profession: Time Traveller, Time Terrorist, Space Traveller, Arms Dealer, Insane Super Villain

Family: The Ashton Siblings (siblings), Christian Gunn (former lover), Aubrey and Katarina Ashton (Parents), Neil Pemberton (adopted Son)

Powers: Thompson’s powers include natural gifts and access to off-world and other timeline tech
• Super Genius – possibly one of the greatest minds in the world his mind is capable of doing more complex mathematics than a room full of supercomputers. His genius revolved mostly around numbers however
• Reality Distortion – Using this power Thom was once able to cause a momentary slow or freeze of time, its actual use is to protect him from temporal and special distortions in time space and reality.
• The Space Time And Reality Altering Device Gun – a prototype energy device he created now changed into a gun, with it he can manipulate the reality around him using the gun as a conduit, it is extremely hard to use for others due to the complex buttons and knobs.
• Hyper Perception – this ability allows him to perceive his surroundings in “Four Dimensions” which lets him see beyond illusion, reality shifts, special anomalies and even magic.
• Adaptive Evolution – this ability allows Thom to adapt to his environment and grow gills, change his respiration, alter body temperature, etc as needs be. It is a passive power that also increases his healing factor.

Weaknesses: His main weakness is probably his insanity…however there are others
• Mad Moments (“The Ups”) – when in one of his mad moods he becomes susceptible to psychic attack, while his madness shields him from refined control etc it weakens his perception of reality and allows telepathic and psychic assault to be very effective.
• Delay in Adaptive Evolution – It doesn’t kick in for about a minute giving a time where changes in the surroundings are still effective against him.
• Using his adaptive evolution against him can be very effective
• Without his gadgets he loses his ranged efficiency and in hand to hand he’s not all that skilled or capable
• His STARAD Gun effects break down if he shifts through time.
• His STARAD Gun can overheat if used too much and needs a recharge every few hours depending on how much its been used
• His STARAD Gun cannot reality-warp humans, animals or plants though it can time lock them and affect them indirectly
• His Neural Implant can be affected by technopaths and EM’s can switch him from Up (insane) to Down (sane but depressed)
• Christian Gun remains one of his biggest weaknesses

Equipment: STRADA Gun, Future and Alien Technology, Access to The Theoretical Workshop which dwells out in space just out of synch with reality.

Personality: When he’s Up he’s a dangerous manic psychopath who enjoys bouncing around causing havoc and making people suffer just for a laugh, utterly without care or conscience. When he’s Down he’s brooding and silent, fully aware of his bipolar state and not willing to hurt anyone but willing enough to use force when necessary.

Name: Aubrey Ashton Jr.
Codename: Game Player
Age: 28

Profession: Information Thief, Videogame Manufacturer, Professional Assassin, Kidnapper and “Guy Who Does the Plans for The People Who Can’t” (mercenary)

Family: The Ashton Siblings (Siblings), Aubrey and Katarina Ashton (Parents)

Powers: Aubrey’s powers are:
• High Grade Healing Factor – his healing factor is extremely powerful allowing him to regenerate spontaneously from nearly any injury. It also freezes his healing factor at a youthful looking age in his mid to late teens
• Superhuman Stamina – his body needs no sleep and can run on minimal food and water for extended periods of time
• Robotics Genius – his skill with VR and Robotics are some of the highest in the world if he wasn’t a raving loon

Weaknesses: That healing factor isn’t flawless:
• Radiation – his healing factor has been noted to slow down when he’s healing from Radiation burns – in fact it slows down noticeably.
• Dr. Alexander defeated him with precise application of force and using pressure points since that doesn’t necessarily activate a healing response.
• Madness – as usual clinical insanity can affect his rationale, namely in his case his childish responses…very childish responses.
• Exhaustion – by taking massive amounts of damage Junior can wear himself out and become too tired to move, requiring hours of sleep and rest to recover fully.

Equipment: VR Devices, Droids (Robotic Hench-beings), VR disguiser, VR-Fields, VR Gimmicks, Laser-Super-Soaker gun, Extendo-Cord fighting Weapon

Personality: Junior never had much of a childhood so he’s making up for it now, fighting with Capoeira and Acrobatics and trapping people in Arcade games and video game imitations, he sticks to his promises but he doesn’t make it easy. Junior is giddy and energetic, always enthusiastic and grates on the nerves of his secretary and minder Mrs. Von Glock. But despite this chipper, cheerful exterior a fully competent assassin exists
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Postby The Hellion » Tue Jan 13, 2009 4:27 pm

Double Post
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Postby The Hellion » Tue Jan 13, 2009 4:28 pm

Name: Damascus Van Clair
Codename: Warmonger
Age: 42
Family: Marla Bane (Wife), David Van Claire (Son, Estrange), The Van Clair’s (Siblings), Eulice and Gustaf Van Clair (Parents, Deceased)
• Superhuman Strength and Durability – Damascus is able to go toe to toe with the likes of Glamazonia and Thunderfoot, he’d had no problem defeating Deadlift given his martial arts proficiency. He can lift massive weights such as cars and trucks and can punch through concrete like its carboard. Not only that but he’s survived bazooka blasts and missiles to the body without so much as a scratch.
• Intuitive Aptitude for Weaponry – Damascus is adept at learning the workings of a weapon and also how to use it. This extends to alien technology and even supernatural weapons although the latter gives him some difficulty.
• Cogs of War – Damascus is a genius in weaponizing things, he is able to mentally build any type of weapon in his mind and then go about creating it with this mental blue print.
• Superhuman Senses – Damascus possesses superhuman senses of sight and smell and hearing. He also possesses a minor empathic sense for rage and hatred that he uses to find prospective buyers for his weapons.

= The secret to Damascus is that the more force you apply the stronger he gets, the more you fight the more powerful he becomes. He was is defeated by those who can incapacitate him with such things as immobilizing foam, stun guns and of course Tai Chi Quan (as Dr. Alexander once used).
= Magical weapons can cause Damascus difficulty in comprehension and he may never fully grasp what makes them tick from simply looking at and holding them.
= Building weapons – this power is limited by materials available. He can ad hoc but only so far.
= Electricity is particularly effective in incapacitating Damascus, as are chemical fumes.

= Assorted weaponry and contacts. He usually wears reinforced body armor which can conceal numerous weapons of his design.
= A massive black market operation with all manner of contacts

Damascus is utterly devoid of compassion. He believes that the finger that pulls the trigger is what causes death and that he supplies an intrinsic need within mankind, the seed of Kain, the idea that humans are meant to murder. He rarely regards people as worthy of his attention and this tends to be his downfall as he disregards those that do not meet certain “standards”, for instance a recognized name amongst superheroes or a particular skill set.

Name: Yelena Van Claire
Codename: Duchess Demise (chosen by American Media)
Age: 42
Family: Ava (Daughter), Malcolm DiMachuri (Lover, Comatose), Van Claire’s (Siblings), Cameron and Alistair (Nephews)
• Forcefield Projection – Yelena possesses an incredibly powerful ability to generate solid constructs of energy that seems to form directly from magical Aether. This allows her to form massive shapes of glowing blue power that can withstand massive damage. She has meticulous control over this power and can open several fields at once within her visual range.
• Levitation Field – Yelena can generate fields in the air and thus allows her to levitate and fly.
• Kiss of Mnemosyne – Yelena’s kiss eradicates the short term memory of the victim for up to 15 minutes.

• Yelena’s range is generally limited to visual radius but she can extend massive shields out around herself, however her control over their permeability and the amount of damage sustainable to them is linked to the radius under shield.
• Yelena suffers feedback on shields as damage is dealt to them
• Yelena’s daughter Ava can phase through her shields though others cannot, the reason is unexplained
• Yelena’s shield can provide an obstacle to telepathy but it isn’t psychically impervious and bar telekinesis most psychic energies are very effective against it
• The Resources of the Grand Duchy of Verovia
A stoic woman Yelena is actually warm and motherly. Though it may take a while to get to see this. She cares deeply for her family and will do whatever it takes to protect her country and her clan. This can make her extremely dangerous and she will fight ferociously for her kin. She is however fair and just in her leadership of Verovia, far from oppressive as the American media portrays her she has revolutionized the country with her ideas and holds its best interests at heart.

Name: Adrienne Van Claire
Codename: Villainess
Age: 39
Family: Nicholas Ashton (Husband), The Van Claire’s
• Psychic Vampire – Adrienne is a particularly dangerous type of telepath, she can feed of psychic energy which allows her to be deadly on the astral plane and in psychic fights. It also grants her a powerful ability to find people by their astral “taste” if she has “sampled” them.
• Telepathy – Adrienne is a powerful short range telepath, unlike others she requires a relatively close range (usually within 30 feet) to affect them. She is known for her potent manipulations, body possession and ability to plant suggestion in minds.
• Healing Factor – Adrienne possesses an advanced healing factor that makes her extremely hard to kill. It also augments her physical abilities and slows her aging process to a crawl. Adrienne can heal from immense amounts of damage and regenerate limbs very quickly
• Kiss of Death – Adrienne’s kiss is fatal, it drains the person of astral energy and when this can actually cause people to wither into dust after a few minutes, but usually it causes them to enter a persistent vegetative state and to slowly shut down or to die when the body shuts itself down suddenly.
• Psychommetry – Adrienne can catch snatches of strong emotion from her surroundings by touching things.
• Adrienne’s healing factor is connected to her brain, imbedding something in her brain (or removing her head) will kill her until the obstacle is removed but if it isn’t her healing factor is paralysed.
• Adrienne’s telepathy is limited to a maximum of 30 feet and also required awareness of her target if not a visual lock
• Telepaths can snap her thralls, suggestions and psychic tracing ability if they have the right kind of training and comprehension. This can disable her ability to track victims until she can “re-sample” them again
• Adrienne has a dulled sense of pain and high pain threshold but she is still able to feel pain
• Adrienne’s mind cannot be read easily but she can be harmed and made feel pain through psychic attacks
• She has no control over her psychometric visions
• Using her telepathy and psychommetry can incapacitate her
• Her Tessen made from Aegium which can defend against energy and is not only extremely durable but also ridiculously sharp. Adrienne is also a premiere martial artist and gymnast and acrobat. She is a proficient Spy and Assassin and skilled with many weapons. She is also the Executive Director of MEDUSA with access to all its resources
Adrienne is hard to read, she is cynical and sarcastic with many personality traits of her sons including a knack for breaking spirits as well as bones and mocking enemies in battle. Cold and calculating her love when given is always genuine. She is utterly devoted to her husband Nicholas. She has a nihilistic point of view to life, believing it ultimately destroys things and that society is fundamentally corrupt.

Name: Vespyr Van Claire
Family: Mammon (Husband), Arizander (Son), The Van Clair’s (Siblings)
• Sorceress – Vespyr is a very powerful sorceress and alchemist.
• Psychometric – Vespyr shares this power with her sister, however unlike her sister she is very adept with it and can draw out memories and flashes of premonition from thing she touches.
• Kiss of Thrall – One kiss from Vespyr causes a person to enter a trance where she need only issue the command and they will zombie-like follow her orders.
• Magic Sense – Vespyr can taste magic and magic users which grants her greater comprehension of their style of magic and abilities. This sensitivity allowed her to master spells and magic in incredibly short periods of time.

• Vespyr needs to be able to speak and gesture for the majority of her spells and 100% of the most elaborate require a combination of gestures and words
• Vespyr is briefly incapacitated by psychometric visions
• Vespyr’s kiss of thrall cannot kill a person, she can send them into a self destructive or dangerous situation but they will always refrain from actually killing themselves.
• Vespyr’s magic can be bound or defended against by talismans and charms of a high enough grade.
• Vespyr’s hand to hand combat is extremely limited and generally useless against martial artists, she can really only use it to knock an enemy off balance before striking with magic.
• Vespyr has access to the army of Mammon and his minions. She also holds a great many magical artifacts at her disposal.
Vespyr is a sultry seductress. She uses her sex appeal (her ample bosom especially) to lure and distract men when in the midst of a plan. She uses people and is consumed with gathering power as she fears being powerless and poor once more. Vespyr oozes charisma and mystique like her sister but she is less cool and calculating and more fiery and acid tongued.

Name: Werner Van Claire
Codename: Flawless
Age: 28
Family: The Van Claire’s (Siblings)
• Diamond Form: Werner is able to shift himself into an indestructible diamond form that removes the need for him to sleep, eat, drink, go to the bathroom, breathe or have his mind read.
• Disruption Field: Werner generates a disruption field for magic that makes it less effective against him and can also disrupt psychic energies making him harder to target with psychic attacks.
• Superhuman Strength: Werner gains immense physical strength when he becomes solid diamond. His strength is superhuman when flesh but in diamond form he can lift huge weights (several tones at least)
• When in his Red Diamond form he cannot communicate with astral apparitions or telepaths due to his sealed psyche
• As Werner tends to use magical objects his disruption field can effect them and cause them to backfire or cease to function
• Werner can still be harmed by psi-bolts and psychic attacks
• Werner’s body is highly effected by sonic attacks
• His preferred weapon is his sword cane which tends to have alchemic symbols engraved on it to act like gadget controls allowing the cane to serve multiple functions and also to work with basic mechanical functions such as hidden grapples and extending chains. He is also a transporting industrialist and has access to his high end smuggling business and black market connections
Werner is actually a rather loveable person and is very cute, somewhat spoiled he loves his luxuries and tends to avoid straying, in fact actively spending money and splashing out to please himself. Werner is funny and charming and charismatic but in a fight he is brutal. He is also surprisingly moral and refuses to trade or transport drugs of any kind, in fact he punishes drugs dealers he comes across for being “scum”. He is also extremely flirtascious
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