Not a challenge, but maybe a fanart project

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Not a challenge, but maybe a fanart project

Postby ShastaB24 » Fri Feb 20, 2009 6:52 pm

I was thinking about multi-character "jam" pieces where each character (or group of characters) is drawn by a different person and couldn't get it out of my mind that we could do this for the characters on the boards. It would be a bit of an undertaking, but a great visual. Especially nice would be getting a finite drawing of characters that have yet to be shown in picture form.

It might be hard to accomplish, but I was thinking of two ways: round robin drawing, where each artist passes it off to the next until everything is finished or it could have each person draw the characters they wand to draw separately and someone could combine them all onto the same page. The latter has the added bonus of being a way to gather pictures of each character for references, attempts at designing trading/playing cards and the like.

Whatever the case, if people think this is a good idea, there is always the problem of those people that have left the boards. I would want to see every major character depicted, but it would be hard to know what to do with some if you can't contact the owner. However, if this would go forward, I would love to take up drawing Something, because the page would be blank and still be accurate.

What do you guys think? I'd like the opinion of artists and non-artists alike for this, just to see what everyone would think of such a prospect.
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