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PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2009 11:03 pm
by Deadeas
New design for the Iron Crusader, thanks to HeroMachine 3.

PostPosted: Tue May 25, 2010 6:51 pm
by Deadeas
Went through my character thread and gathered up all the heroes I've made for this site. Decided to revamp the teenagers. Posting these summaries as a way to keep track of their information. In some cases, I'll have to rebuild their profiles from scratch. Umi, Tyler, Kyle, Elijah, Columbia, and Brandon have been changed completely.
Drake Moore - Iron Crusader
Son of the two of the world's most prominent superheroes, Drake built a suit of high-tech powered armor to compensate for his lack of natural abilities. Has near-genius levels of intelligence and can analyze nearly any device to see how it works with only a glance.

Umi Kahoru - Celestial
Daughter of a wealthy Japanese family, Umi was chosen by the goddess Amaterasu to be her avatar on Earth for the current century. Undergoing an intense training and purification ritual, Umi emerged as Celestial, wielder of the powers of light and the sun. She enrolled in Poseidon Prep under the insistence of her parents, who had already sent her older siblings there when they manifested abilities.

Sunil Shan - Darkshadow
Orphaned at an early age, Sunil grew up in a remote monastery. Just before he was to officially become a monk, the monastery was attacked. Strange beings claiming to represent "The Light" killed the monks, and tried to kill Sunil. Just as their blades neared his flesh, darkness erupted from his body and drove the beings away. Deciding that it was his duty to fight this evil, Sunil left the monastery and traveled to America, seeking the aid of mystics in identifying his foe. He caught the attention of Dr. Alexander, who insisted that he remain at Poseidon Prep while they identify the beings that attacked him. Taking the name Darkshadow, Sunil settled in and waited for the time when he could strike back at those who killed his friends. Sunil can generate and control shadows, but is completely neutralized in total darkness.

Tyler Moore - Arachnid
Created in a fiendish experiment by the sinister IronFire Corporation, Tyler was created in a fusion of the DNA of the superhero known as Æsir and the superheroine known as Shadow Spider. Possessing many of the abilities of both of his parents, Tyler was taken in by Æsir's family and enrolled in Poseidon Prep to develop his abilities. He goes by the code-name Arachnid.

Peter Moore - Vanish
During his time as a member of the World Warriors, Gordon Moore began a relationship with fellow team-mate Adrianna Raevaen. Although brief, their relationship birthed a child. Abandoned by his mother in an orphanage, Peter grew up unaware of his lineage. By the time he reached puberty, Peter had already begun showing signs of super-human abilities. At the age of 13, his powers kicked in fully and he was visited by a representative of Moore Industries. Peter was informed of who his parents were and was offered a full scholarship to attend Poseidon Prep to help train his abilities. He accepted, hoping to learn more about his mother while at the school. Peter has a form of telepathy that makes others ignore his very existence. He also possesses above-average durability and strength due to his father's powers.

Aki Kahoru - Qi
Youngest child of the wealthy Kahoru family, Aki was the only child not chosen by the Shinto deities to be an avatar. Instead, they gifted her with the ability to manipulate her life-force, as well as allowing her to drain the life-force of others to giver herself more power. Seeing the potential for her abilities, Aki's parents made her undergo training with various teachers to ensure she had complete control of her abilities. By the time she joined the student body of Poseidon Prep, she was nearly in complete control of her abilities.

Aidan Anderson - Fission, Nadia Anderson - Fusion
Aidan Anderson was born to a middle-class family in Pacific City. Although rather smart and popular in school, Aidan always felt that something was missing. One day, while on his way home from football practice, Aidan was jumped by a local gang. Trying desperately to fight the attackers off, Aidan passed out after a blow to the head. When he woke up, he was surrounded by several duplicates of himself. Just as he got to his feet, he was approached by a strangely-familiar woman. She explained that she was also a duplicate, created from a second set of DNA that was present in Aidan's body. She absorbed the duplicates and explained that she was permanent and would have to remain with Aidan to help control the duplicates. Giving her the name Nadia, Aidan and his parents adopted the girl and the two were enrolled in Poseidon Prep to help them cope with their abilities. Aidan can split himself into a near-infinite number of duplicates of himself and his sister, and Nadia can reabsorb them into herself to increase her physical ability. Ordinarily, the duplicates willingly work with Aidan and Nadia, but have free will and can disobey their orders.

Brandon Daniels - Revenant
The victim of a tragic accident, Brandon was revived and bound to his body by a cult of necromancers, gaining extraordinary abilities in the process. Swearing to use his powers and second chance at life for a good cause, he took the name Revenant and enrolled at Poseidon Prep to learn more about his abilities and his rebirth. Brandon can fly, become intangible and invisible, and blast enemies with demonic Hell-Fire.

PostPosted: Wed May 26, 2010 3:36 am
by Deadeas
Drake, SkinSuit Mode and Full Armor Mode
Personally, I don't really like the helmet on the armor. Settled for it, though. Thoughts and comments are appreciated. I will probably do Peter, Tyler, or Cam next.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 03, 2010 5:39 am
by Deadeas
As part of my revised outline of the Moore family tree, I made Drake's great-grandfather into a costumed adventurer during the mid-to-late 1800s. I decided that I wanted the whole "armored hero" thing to be a legacy that Drake took on, refusing his natural birthright to become the Champion of the Norse pantheon. Thus, Iron Horse was born.
Feedback is appreciated.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:49 pm
by Deadeas
Founded in the early nineties after the Millennial Knight's invasion from Hammerspace, the Omega Watch is dedicated to guarding Earth from incursions from alternate dimensions and realities. Based out of the Sanctuary, a state-of-the-art dimensional-shifting starship, within Hammerspace, Omega Watch spends the majority of their time exploring the various realities and dimensions that exist parallel to our own.

The Omega Watch ... radigm.png ... Phenix.png ... Vanish.png ... 20Rush.png ... 20Zero.png
Gideon Moore/Paradigm, Zoe Metaxas/Phenix, Peter Moore/Vanish, Parker James/Gold Rush, & Dante Moore/Absolute Zero

PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:14 pm
by ShastaB24
I've been watching the whole of Justice League on DVD (I got the complete series--this is my first time ever watching them and I'm on disc three of 4 of season 2), so Phenix's wings make me think of Hawkgirl. That makes me think of Paradigm as Superman, Vanish as Batman, Titanium as Martian Manhunter (kinda--I actually tried to make him fit, though the others are natural), and Absolute Zero as Flash, based on their looks.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 9:11 pm
by Deadeas
ShastaB24 wrote:I've been watching the whole of Justice League on DVD (I got the complete series--this is my first time ever watching them and I'm on disc three of 4 of season 2), so Phenix's wings make me think of Hawkgirl. That makes me think of Paradigm as Superman, Vanish as Batman, Titanium as Martian Manhunter (kinda--I actually tried to make him fit, though the others are natural), and Absolute Zero as Flash, based on their looks.

Overall, in terms of influence of their appearances, you are spot on. Things are a bit different when it comes to their power-sets and team roles, though.

Gideon is telekinetic; often using his powers to create constructs ala Green Lantern in battle. He is the team leader as well as the father of Dante and the husband of Zoe. In terms of personality, he is introverted and stern when amongst others, putting up a stoic front was the leader of the Watch and his family. He is a super-scientist without peer (he designed the Sanctuary, with minimal aid from his peers amongst the World Warriors) and regards guarding Earth from attack in Hammerspace as a duty that cannot be forsaken for anything.

Zoe is, as you can see, a pyrokinetic and an avian-type flyer; a "gift" granted after her encounter with a phoenix as a youth. She is the team mom, always watching out for the safety of the group above all. She tends to voice moderation and caution whenever opinions are asked, but, if push comes to shove, she will mercilessly visit destruction against an enemy if it is called for. Her marriage to Gideon is strained, at best, because of his obsession with safeguarding Earth and exploring Hammerspace.

Peter is a telepath, but his abilities are limited to affecting perception, masking him from notice. He is the son of Gideon and a supervillain, the product of an affair Gideon carried out during his membership with the World Warriors. He is cold and detached and often proposes solutions that are the simplest for the particular situation...but are questionable morally. He is the group's reconnaissance man when in a new area and frequently goes lone wolf rather than remain with the group.

Parker's body has shifted to a composition made up primarily of a gold-titanium alloy, which grants him nigh-invulnerability and super-strength. He is one of Gideon and Zoe's oldest friends, having met them during their college days at NYU. He was the first to travel into Hammerspace and, as a result, was exposed to the Hammer particles that permeate the dimension unshielded, which shifted him into his current form. He is loyal to a fault to the Moore family and would go to any length to save them from harm, even going as far as sacrificing his life for theirs (as he has before.)

Dante is a cryokinetic, although his powers are unfocused when used without the focusing gauntlets built into his uniform. He is the youngest child (just turned 13) in the family and, as a result, feels the need to prove himself to his parents. He is energetic and enthusiastic about being a superhero, although he frequently forgets that he is not quite an adult yet and charges headlong at problems without a plan. But, when the situation calls for it, he can formulate a plan as well as his father and execute it perfectly...if he can pay attention long enough.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:50 pm
by Deadeas
Changed the pics to links to said pictures and revamped their looks to be more along the lines of that of a team.