Hello (motto)...lame, I know.

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Hello (motto)...lame, I know.

Postby EvH » Thu Apr 02, 2009 9:48 am

Hello P.H forum members! Nice to be here. :D I am not sure what to write in this so I'll just say that I just began to do a school project on comics and a friend lead me here after piling loads of ultimate spider-man on me. Hope to enjoy myself, bye!
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Postby The Hellion » Thu Apr 02, 2009 2:34 pm

Welcome aboard. Tell us a bit (but not too much! play safe!) about yourself.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me or any of the other mods know and we'll sort you out.

Ah ultimate spiderman...I love and hate it...good points and bad points galore
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Postby Darkness1 » Thu Apr 02, 2009 2:58 pm

Hey hey, nice to have you here with us! :D

and in general I despise the ultimate universe. they killed Emma Frost and Sinister. :evil:
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Postby Kagekaze » Thu Apr 02, 2009 5:08 pm

It had its good points, I think...
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Postby Oni » Thu Apr 02, 2009 8:11 pm

Ellos~! Nice to meet you

and I agree with H
tell us about yourself we dont bite
...much anyway ^^
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