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RP Summary Help

Postby Verdant » Tue Jun 26, 2007 2:59 pm

I haven't been able to keep up with the RP threads like I used to. I was wondering if anyone could come up with a short summary of major character RP events, as well as the connections between characters so I that I know who is dating, who is feuding, and all that fun stuff. I can't guarantee that any of it will make it into the comic book, but you never know :).
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Postby Ninjan » Tue Jun 26, 2007 4:44 pm

I totally support this idea :D

as for my characters:

Satoshi Miyamoto : Dating Justyn Durand a.k.a. Mystic
Samantha Collington : Flirting with James a.k.a. Stallion
Kevin von Schwarzburg : Nothin' much.

As for major storylines.

I devised a storyline together with Lizard Lad which involves about Satoshi's past and going to Japan. The topic is currently underway, Satoshi has just discoverd that Justyn has been reading his diary.

I also tought of a Feral Force storyline which involves Kevin and James, but I have to wait for Maddi to see if she's okay with it :)

see ya!

Kevin (Marchen) & Samantha (Sakura)

Kevin von Schwarzburg - Feral Force
Samantha Collington - Masterminds
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Postby Brayon » Tue Jun 26, 2007 6:29 pm

Not sure if M.E.D.U.S.A. is going to be anywhere in the comics, but there has been two attacks by them. One at a Mall, and the Other at a Church.

Nothing new with my Guy, except in the Fan Fiction section. The Hellion is writing that story, and its killer so far.
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Postby Maddi » Tue Jun 26, 2007 6:30 pm

Here's what happened in the threads I've taken part in with one other person. I've played in two multiple person ones (The New Guy (Feral Force), Poseidon Meets Apollo) but wasn't a part of the full stories in those just parts.

Friends (Rhyfel, Stallion, Animal Boy)
Daffy and Rhyfel are practicing fire twirling on the lawn when something happens and they accidentally send a staff flying into Tommy's window. Rhyfel runs off leaving James to explain what happened. He and Tommy meet along with Creampuff, Tommy's cat. They introduce themselves, talk about being able to talk to animals and Tommy forgives him for breaking the window. James leaves after getting a text message from Daffy but gets the phone number of Tommy before he leaves.

A Nice Day For A Race (Stallion, Venus)
Samantha challenges James to a horse race. They introduce themselves talk about squads and Sam shows her control of plants by giving James a rose she created out of the ground. James goes to change into the Stallion and Sam secretly follows him and watches him change, learning that he is trans. He catches her and after she agrees not to tell anyone he changes into the Stallion and they begin the race.

Stallion is naturally much faster then Sam but keep them at an even pace then starts running a little bit ahead to encourage Sam to go faster. Sam, wanting to win, uses her powers to bring down a large tree trunk in Stallions way. She wins but James is unhappy that she was willing to endanger others in order to win.

Afterwards James turns back and they talk some more about their backgrounds, origins. and things about themselves. Sam makes lots of physical contact but James is very touchy feely and assumes she is just being friendly, but as her touching gets more intimate he realises she's been flirting with him the entire time. He's a little shocked and embarressed he didn't see it and as it starts to rain Sam gives him a ride back the school on her bike.

Stable Boys (Stallion, Animal Boy, Rhyfel)
Tommy comes up to Daffy and James at lunch time and asks James to introduce him to the horses at the stable. They talk about language. Daffy and James snark at each other, they tell Tommy the story of how they met, and James agrees to help Daffy with his math homework later. James and Tommy go to the stable but are attacked but Charin, a villainess centaur who controls the horses so they attack the two. Tommy is surrounded, Stallion is beaten by Charin, Tommy talks Charin down until help arrives.

James is in the hospital, Tommy comes to see him. but James soon falls into a drugged sleep. A nurse accidentally gives it away to Tommy that James is trans, Daffy shows up and they talkabout what happened. Daffy apologises for breaking Tommy's window in "Friends" and gives hima fighting staff as a gift. Tommy offers to help Daffy with his math now that James is out for the night.
Daffy notices that Tommy is a nice guy and kind of cute.

Tommy goes to talk to Charin, trying to rehabilitate him. Charin sees the beastial rage within him and agrees to meet him again although his intentions are unclear. Tommy goes off to meet up with Daffy. Continued in "Homework and Hard Questions".

Reboot (Rhyfel, Deadeas)
Daffy enlists Daffy to help him hack into a evil megaconglomerate's private databanks in order to gain information on their illegal dealings to use to blackmail the higher ups to pull out of the profitable act of landclearing rainforest which contains endangered species.
The boys know this is illegal but they figure it's for a good cause and so long as they don't get caught they didn't do anything wrong.

Stallion's relationship with...
Rhyfel - His roomate. They argue and snark but James secretly appreciates him because he accepted him being trans so easily.
Venus - Thinks of her as a friend but has no idea what to do with the idea that she might like him. He's embarressed around her and that's new to him.
Animal Boy - Thinks he's good hearted but innocent and in need of guidance about the ways of the world. After how he handled Charin in"Stable Boys" calls Tommy his hero.

Rhyfel's relationship with...
Stallion - His roomate. They put up with each other, Daffy likes that James sleeps like the dead and doesn't complain about his weird hours.
Deadeas - His friend. A fellow student of the mechanical arts. Likes working with him but gets frustrated with having to hold back while Drake shows off.
Animal Boy - Thinks of him as a friend of James', a nice guy who saved his roomates life. He acts in that way around him that means he might be developing a crush. He's never had one before and he doesn't understand the new feelings.
Stallion - Feral Force (ISC)
Rhyfel - Masterminds (ISC)
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Postby Ninjan » Tue Jun 26, 2007 7:16 pm

(WOW, Maddi..now that's RP-ing! I encourage everybody to make such great postsas Maddi just did.)

Kevin (Marchen) & Samantha (Sakura)

Kevin von Schwarzburg - Feral Force
Samantha Collington - Masterminds
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Postby The Hellion » Wed Jun 27, 2007 2:32 am

Was it Faire:
The gang attend a fair and Lad is kidnapped by a mysterious woman
Dragon Star leads the others against her
Scotch Bonnet is badly damaged by a psychic/magic attack but fortunately Oblivious and Dragon Star save her
Cameron and Dani join the others in chasing down Serpant who has taken Lad
Dragon Star rescues Lad
Cameron delivers an empathic command directly into Serpant so that he never knows a moments peace

Skin Deep:
Glamour takes the kids on a trip to see the Leeds Cosmetics factory which houses the Museum of Beauty
The kids arrive to see a launch of the new beauty line l'Unique
Things take a turn for the worst when Drake discovers the body of a health inspector who died because his lymph became poisonous to him
They ask Sophietta Leeds what is going on and she explains the desperation of her husband.
Cam sneaks off but the others don't notice
Someone tries to gas the students but a group escape and confront Mr Leeds
Sophietta shoots him and has her entourage (Pretty Face, Mudpack, Emacia, Beau Silverman (her lover), Tress, Temper and Hi-Point) subdue them
It is revealed she's Cameron's Aunt
Sophietta tortures Chameleon Girl by using her biokinetic powers to turn Cham human, deeply scarring the girl's psyche
Sophietta plans to use samples of the physically mutated children to spread "true individual beauty" across the globe with l'Unique which as well as being mutagenic is highly addictive.
The kids get free and take down the entourage as well as the shipments of L'Unique
Sophietta flees with her entourage but Cham attacks their chopper and makes it go down.
The Leeds Group escape the chopper before it crashes and explodes.

Late Night Shopping
The students are in a shopping centre on its opening day when it suddenly begins to close early with everyone suddenly leaving including the clerks and security staff
M.E.D.U.S.A are after a spy who stole a disk from them that can undermine their Political and Economical Operations, however if they get the disk they can get the informants
Villainess herself leads the attack having the Subliminalist force all the people out, not aware that there are superhumans around who are immune to the frequency he broadcasts to humans at
The students set up base in an unused shop and then go to rescue a man in danger, the spy is cornered in the food shop
Cam identifies the weapons as those used by his mothers troops
Petrosinella (Cam's half-sister), Edwina and Beau Hunk attack the kids but are shocked when Drake's father shows up concerned with having apparently been cloned.
Tyler dies but someone puts his soul somewhere or Noah absorbs it or Tyler possesses Noah and they go a little crazy
Eagle fights Villainess who beats him up and makes fun of his manhood from their little dalliance several years ago (the product of which was Peter "Vanish" Moore)
Arch-Phoenix Eagle's revived wife then takes over beating up her husband who had numerous affairs and neglected her when they were together
The students meanwhile get the disk and try to find a way out
Peter arrives and starts shooting at Villainess, she deflects his bullets and takes down each teenager
Veronica uses her teleportation Aeon to teleport all villains but Villainess and the Subliminalist away. She's then knocked out
Peter shoots at the Subliminalist but Troy deflects the bullet saving the Subliminalist and earning Peter's disdain. The Subliminalist then teleports away.
Villainess grabs the disk but Cam takes control of Peter and directs him to shoot the disk, destroying it
Villainess cuts her losses and runs
Peter Chases and manages to stab her in the back of the head with his glass blade which happens to hit to spot at the base of her skull that if pierced keeps her from regenerating
The Children arrive and Violet throws Peter aside while the twins pull the blade out
In order to facilitate an escape Villainess drops a bomb into the mall
Eagle flies it out of the blast radius
The students race to the roof and see Villainess in a jet chopper she tells them to "Come and see [her] when [they] are all grown up"

Divine Indoctrination
A trip to see the historical architecture of a monastery built on the outskirts on the town takes a turn for the worst when Cyrrus Raevaen turns up
The teachers are subdued when he traps their souls in a pendant and takes the people in the monastery hostage so he can search for ancient paintings that tell the future
The kids hide in a Crypt to escape Cyrrus and his followers (Saint, Sinner, Dys and Meph) and try to plan
They find that a monk brought the paintings to the monastery and he's hiding with plenty of alcohol in the bell tower. Cham, Lad and Noah head out to find him while the students distract the followers of Heretic.
They get their buts handed to them and retreat
Cham and Peter Moore spy on the events and find the locations of the divided followers.
Veronica is at risk as her gnostic powers will allow heretic to warp her to his beliefs easily and they will be ineffective against him
Noah and Veronica go after Meph so he can't open the other door into the catacombs where the vault is
Cham, Animal Boy and Dani rescue the hostages and defeat Sinner
Troy and Cam defeat Dys in the Abbotts office and find the secret passage
They enter the catacombs and Saint attacks with her telekinesis, revealing they had banked on Veronica coming, dragging Veronica to Cyrus so he can use her to breach the vault
The students defeat Saint and take on Cyrus, they free their teachers and then Cam, Tommy, Troy and Noah redirect one of his fireballs into the vault, destroying the paintings he was after.
He retreats and the students head out.
Cham and Dani have a falling out when Cham says she didn't learn hate until she met humans to which Dani responds that Cham is a hypocrite as she assumes that emotions are human devices and that all humans are the same.

There is more......but I'll get there once I refresh on them
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Postby The Hellion » Wed Jun 27, 2007 3:17 am

Let's Dance
A dance is advertised at the school
A group go out shopping, Oblivious is a bit broke so Dani and Cam offer to get him clothing with Cam "helping him wear them properly"
Lad and D are excited and of course very couple-y at the dance
At the Dance Sister Bliss makes a big entrance and gets the party started
Roberto and Iggy get to know each other better
Sophia and Cam collide but seem to actually like/respect one another for being very similar in personality
Dani compliments Cham on her dress, appearance and ability to take colors, revealing that any color she wears becomes black or white anyway
Dragonstar makes his dislike for Cam clear but Cam doesn't care
The Punch bowl runs out of cups to Iggy draws some...unfortunately they disappear abruptly and splash everyone
Mikhail goes looking for Cam but people are reminding him about their fight (powers and all being used) and not to get started
Cam is off "helping Oblivious" to get dressed, he undressed Oblivious who wonders why Cam hasn't picked out new boxers for him.
He then finds out and several minutes later knocks the powers of every psychic in the building out for a few minutes.
Mikhail then confronts Cam and in front of everyone declares his love for him
Cam blows him off and walks away
Dani takes Mikhail outside and comforts him, also saying not to give up on Cam
Sophia is protective of Iggy all through the dance
Lad and D have a lovely slow dance together (awww!)

Two Week Retreat
A two week retreat is announced at the school
The students head out to a lakeside camp to work on teamwork
They go for a swim in the lake but sense some great force pulling at them and calling for help
Dragon Star seems very receptive to it
The kids go to explore and encounter a body possessor named Silas who Cam recognizes from his mother's files
Silas uses Dragonstars dislike of Cam to control D
There's a fight and Silas turns D's powers up to full strength as he battles Cam and keeps the others at bay.
Cam manages to sedate Silas and give D some control using his feelings for Lad to outweigh his hate for Cam
The fighting continues with Lad getting injured and at one point his tail is removed (fortunately it will regenerate very quickly)
Justyn arrives and helps in the fight and Cam manages to force the mind of the intruder out because Lad loves D so much it encompasses all else, including Silas' powers, it destroys Silas' consciousness and dissapates him.
Lad and D are reunited, Cam and D learn to respect one another

Theories of Relativity and Romance
During the early morning the Dimension Rippers arrive and pass through the school, taking Dr. Gunn's handbook
Their leader Wraeth sends a subliminal whisper to Christian in his sleep making him think of Thom an ex-boyfriend he once pushed away.
During breakfast the students are surprised by the appearance of Neo Neon one of the rippers who goads them into chasing him out to a lunch area.
They engage in a fight against the Rippers (Instabilit, Twisted Sister, Obyron and Neo Neon), Christian and Verdant see the fight just as Thompson arrives, he is Wraeth and he's totally insane, his mind apparently shattered
He opens a one way wormhole and the Rippers force the students through it and into a freezing cold store room
The Rippers leave and Christian and Thom fight with Thom using his reality twisting STRAIN Gun to cause havoc. Christian tries to get through to him but Thom seems determined to make himself hate Christian. he then vanishes and Christian breaks down - but starts searching for the students through shadows and then disappears when the other faculty and some of the seniors arrive
The students break out of the room and take winter clothes and supplies as they navigate the subzero hallways
Thompson has blasted each room and turned them into surreal scenarios from a giant clock face to a humungous room
They fight their way through the rooms
Ra and Rian begin to develop their relationship as they progress
They rescue Mikhail from a gigantic ball of chain and dress him with clothes from the enormous and apparently infinite Wardrobe
Christian teleports to the facility in the south pole that Thompson uses now as a base. He fights Thompson and they reminiss over the way Christian pushed tHom away forcing him to return to his father, Lord Ashton, who used his emotional turmoil to force him back into the family he had wanted to escape. Unfortunately the reconditioning had been faulty and Thom had snapped entirely
Christian wants the students freed and Thom shows him where they are
They defeat a giant toad creature when Rian phases inside it and blasts its guts
They then face the Rippers
Mikhail and Noah don't like each other much as they are rivals for Cam but they work together against the Rippers
Thompson drops down with Christian into the fight and promises to let them all go if Christian fights him and makes Thompson hate him rather than love him as the pain is too much
Christian tries to help Thom but Thom doesn't think he's worth it or able to be helped.
Obyron slashes Cam across the back and Thom blasts him with an internal wormhole before giving his nephew first aid and also a slumber patch that knocks him out so he can absorb empathic energy to heal himself.
Thom and Christian do battle
Noah tries to eat Twisted Sisters soul but he touches her and she is able to absorb enough energy from him to keep her body animated while her dimensionally warped soul poisons his body. She eventually leaves his body having stolen most of his energy
The students finally get the remaining rippers on the ropes, Neo Neon has stepped out of the battle to keep Cam's body safe as they were once "colleagues/survivors together"
Thom finally stops fighting and fires his STRAIN gun, he returns the facility to normal, orders his weakened Rippers to leave and then opens a gate back to Pacific City for the gang.
Christian tries one last time offer help
in response Thom turns his gun on himself and vanishes in a painful explosion of light.
Christian is devestated but leads the students back out
Cam dismisses his uncles apparent death saying its one less to worry about, however as he storms away alone he comments that his family "have a nasty habit of not dying" as some sort of comfiort to Dr. Gunn whom he respects
Dani comforts Dr. Gunn and notes that Cam would like time to grieve Thom's apparent death in his own way.
Ra and Rian have a much stronger relationship after the ordeal and will continue to go quite strong no doubt
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Postby Promstar » Wed Jun 27, 2007 4:02 am

Well Only Sister Bliss from my stable has been up to much

Firstly she was in detention for supposedly breaking a statue outside of the college by sending a desk accidentily thrown at her through qa portal and smacking into the statue, she got phased out reality with Justyn and Jarod when escaping from detention and wandered around the school trying to find a way back.

A Boy to remember : She has also been on a trip with Powerlad, Stalker and others, where they met a strange boy called Jamie and a granny and Samantha. They fought quite a bit with villains but in the end saved the day as a team :)
Eleanor Renoir a nun in france, is fused with a street hooker in a mystical explosion. Artwork is from Pride High Comic, but character is mine!
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Postby Chameleongirl » Wed Jun 27, 2007 4:33 am

Cam summed it all up nicely :)

Chameleon had a rather traumatic experience and even though she blew up the chopper she's not over it.
Since the thing with Dani at the church she's pretty much avoiding people, something I intend to fix soon :D
She's also been having Bad Dreams.
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Postby The Hellion » Wed Jun 27, 2007 7:41 am

Oh yes the fics, dunno if they count but voila:

Boy To Remember:
A trip to the glitzy gothic city of Saturn City. Stalker has five tickets to Renata in concert and the winners of his class competition accompany him. They are: Sister Bliss, Justyn, Dragonstar and Powerlad. Unfortunately things get complicated when they encounter Jamie and Alex Dallas. The latter is an assassin hellbent on collecting a hit and the former is Powerlad's latest crush! To make matters worse they must handle Samantha Marx the teenage assassin whose martial arts skills and telepathic/precognitive abilities make her a true danger and along with that they must face the worlds greatest martial artist and instructor to many of the most capable fighters in superheroing: The Grandmother!

Kiss of a Rose on the Grey:
Lillian Thunderfoot takes some students with her to visit the Ceres institute to visit esteemed Dr. Ben Orton an expert in plants who has helped superheroes and ecologists alike. But when the deadly Valentine arrives searching for a journal of the Doctors Samantha Collington must establish if she is human or plant when his chlorokinetic powers seem to manipulate her like a puppet.
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Postby Safeguard » Wed Jun 27, 2007 3:00 pm

Well done with the summaries Hellion :)
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Postby The Hellion » Tue Aug 28, 2007 4:25 pm

Careful What You Wish For
The students are spending a rainy day in town when strange things begin happening, wishes come through in the most twisted of ways
It transpires that Dante Raevaen has been ejected from his hell dimension, specifically the one where he holds rule over a citadel that is built over the well of souls, the souls given freely for powerful wishes
Dante's powers are weakened and the wishes he's granting do not extract souls so yield minimal energy. He does however retain his ability to make offers which hypnotizes people with their potential wishes.
He almost persuades Noah etc but is interrupted
After being "persuaded to leave" by the students he traces them to the school as superhumans yield greater power from their wishes. After causing utter bedlam at the school he grants the wish of depressed student Overcast who wishes "everyone would go away"
Dante triggers a wish that will slowly erase everyone off the planet in exchange for Overcast's soul.
The students wind up following Dante to hell through a gate opened by Noah who rips a hole into the dimension and entering a deal with Dante, they'll help him fight off the usurper Bael if he'll give them back Outcasts soul and void the wish before its too late
They traverse the dangerous plane of Dante's circle of hell and he explains that the only way to take the throne is through trickery, cunning or by not having a soul to bargain
They enter the castle and face Belal in a brawl.
Mikhail is suffering as his body is not used to the magical energies around him and has burnt him for it
They fight crowds of demons trying to figure out how to defeat Bael until Mikhail suggests Overcast make a wish - without a soul Overcast was negligible and shocked Bael to weakness allowing Dante to take the throne
However Zolla, Dante's riddling/metaphor-using assistant reveals that because they entered against Bael's wishes they are not able to leave the hell plane due to the shift in power over the throne and its affect on the portal out.
Fortunately Cam (who was in detention and sealed there by a wish to keep detention students "out of the way") sends them a text message and tells them to move
A portal opens and they're swept away to New York where they encounter three students of the Thomas Edison Insitute for the Exceptionally Gifted
Victor Von Warnov is a premier spellcaster who recognizes Ra's powers
Seline Dupree is an heiress who bonds with Veronica and Danny and takes a shine of sorts to Troy
Brody St.Christopher does not take to Veronica (he thinks she's self obssessed and she thinks he talks about himself too much)
They take a limo to the airport where Selene has them flown home in style after their success

Eternal Red
In Dr Alexander's Ethics class the students debate power and what it signifies with several interesting opinions
Cam is highly critical of Rian not having to work for his power levels
Chameleon seems to have the most favored power in the class
In Gehenna a bizzare machine drops into the landscape near Lilliths home, Arizander (a teenage sorceror) watches from nearby as they investigate, they find it deflects spells but discover an old plaque reading details of a Triton-Matsu factory, Lillith and Dawn decide to contact Noah. Arizander teleports out to set a trap
In the cafeteria Noah tells the others of the happenings in Gehenna and they decide to help him. Dr Alexander strictly forbids it but Cameron distracts her
In the Abandoned factory they are chased down a hall by The Living Monument which rolls after them and deflects their attacks. They arrive in a large room and face Spidrelle and her giant creatures as well as Dr. Arkol a silent sorceror and Arizander leading his father's Marot (Mah-ROH) troops.
Arizander is part demon and has a history with Noah - - - the romantic kind. They broke up because Arizander slept with someone but claims Noah was oggling Merrick and ignoring him.
Lad freaks out at the spiders which feed on lizards
Fortunately they take down the spiders and many troops but Arizander traps them in a spell that contains an energy storm from between dimensions, it will destroy anything caught inside it.
Cam arrives and just as Arizander puts him down, Cam blows on the circle of powder around the others and breaks it, freeing them. Arizander calls a retreat and promises to deal with Noah personally at a later date
In New York a Marot traitor stays in a boarding house for supernaturals, he has sent a message to Lillith about a research journal he stole - however her world has been sealed off and no communication seems possible so it has diverted to Noah, the next best thing
Veronica teleports them to New York and Dani suggests Cam call the students at Thomas Edison for help, he refuses on personal grounds. The others all think its logical to get some help
They reach the boarding house and find it evacuated. Cam goes upstairs to get the journal while the others take a look around
Thomas Edison's students arrive and say Cam called them in the end and they're here to help. Brody suggests Veronica come with him and secure the perimeter, casually asking about her electrical charge.
Suddenly Veronica is hit by a bolt of lightening from clear skies and blasted through the house, Brody demonstrates his control over the weather
Roxanne shows that she's a far more alert Apothesea than her brother and uses her selective invulnerability to defeat Safeguard
Animal Boy is taken down by Selene who shows that she's a premier martial artist
Rian is cursed by Victor but despite his weakness to black magic somehow manages to stay standing and able to use his powers. Only suffering a minor set back in how fast he regenerates energy
Lark is a small boy who uses a sonic cry, he tries to subdue them, but after he is threatened Seline savagely defends him
Perihelion blows up the room Cam is in
Heat fights Myth with his immense flame powers
Noah has a sorcery battle with Victor who is more knowledgeable and skilled in magic of black and white kinds than Noah who is skilled only in black magic
Trounced the Edison students leave and bring the house down on the kids
The students survive and dig their way out. Cam is impaled on a bar but only through the shoulder and is healed by the others
They go to hide and examine the journal which Cam translates from Verovian
The criminal behind it all is his aunt Vespyr, a sorceress supreme and his mothers twin who is married to Halehk who is another name for the emodiment of greed, they've had many battles with Lilliths planes in the past
Vespyr has broken the laws of magic by creating a machine that is fused with magic for a magical and technological purpose somehow finding a balance that doesn't explode. When she charges it she will unleashe a shockwave that will destroy all of Gehenna and allow her forces to move in however if Lillith stops the waves with her transinfinite powers she will be weakened enough for Vespyr to defeat with her own transinifinite powers.
They find the best power plant for the situation, Brody is going to die powering the machine with a storm and the only way they can break the magic control over the students is they get the Grimoire that Victor owns, which is bonded to his soul
Limbless faces Selene and while he can't copy her numerous martial arts styles he proves himself more than capable of handling her
Mikhail defeats Perihelion in an all out energy blast battle
Silverpain's magic breaks the bonds on the book and frees it. The Grimoire (Grim) thanks them and then lunches into Victor's chest cavity, it frees him and his friends (and illusionist Ava Turner a classmate of cruel intentions)
They pull Brody free of the harness but the machine has been powered and Lillith stops the wave, unfortunately the chaos allows Vespyr to invade and the sorceress easily defeats Dawn, Noah's mother before pursuing Lillith before she can get to her throne and recharge her magic faster.
The kids get involved
Noah faces Arizander and they fight with words and magic until Arizander collapses from the excrutiating pain of using his half-blood magics
Noah admits he still has feelings for Arizander and at some point might want to mend things between them
Veronica goes "full goddess" on Vespyr but the woman is well aware of Veronicas abilities and defeats her, she defeats Rian and the rest of the students (Dani, Chameleon, Noah, Cam, Limbless, Myth, Lizard Lad, Mikhail, etc etc) before moving in on Lillith
To Vespyr's shock Paula Alexander arrives, warns her not to touch her students and then uses superior combat skills to beat seven shades of tar out of the woman. Vespyr retreats in shock and vows to take gehenna another day
Dr Alexander and Glamour commend the students and then put them on detention with long, long essays!

Culture Non Gratis
A trip to the Young Diplomats contest brings the students to Verovia which is where Cam's mother grew up and her eldest sister (and his aunt) is the Duchess and Prime Minister of the country after a successful coup d'etat about 2 decades previous
At the hotel they are informed the event has been moved to the Royal Palace which is rather like Hogwarts due to its magical aura
Suspicious the students warily watch for trouble from the Raevaen
They meet Cam's cousin Mercedes who has great disdain for Americans on principal (they didn't get on with Bush and then Phelps rolled in one day after they legalized same sex marriage - well - can you blame her?)
A small fight breaks out and Reinhaller, captain of the royal guard uses his cybernetic jaw and voice box to sonically diffuse the situation
They exit to the garden for some air during the Chairman of the Young Diplomats usual speech, Yelena Raevaen and her daughter come to take Cam for a talk, Dani reveals that Reinhaller is dangerous and probably has it in for Cam
Dragonstar picks up on feelings of captivity then senses a psychic cry for help
In a barricaded cellar they find a strange door and the voice behind it tells them of Yelena's great plan for world domination and how she's going to kill everyone above them.
They open the gates with their combined powers and release the Manic Dead, spirits from the bloody history of wars in the magically imbued land of Verovia
Yelena arrives and is furious, she has them arrested
Dragonstar is treated by Margola who is a doctor in the Psychic Institute and tries to help him build mental walls
Lizard Lad and Mercedes get off on the wrong foot with one another
Yelena reveals her plans to send them home while she prepares for war and also that she is transferring Cam to a school in Ireland, apparently he wants to go
At the airport Cam confirms he wants to transfer but won't say why
Lad attacks Reinhaller and in seconds everyone is at each others throats - seconds later the Manic Family (human appearing members of the otherwise hound-like Manic Dead) appear and kidnap Cam
Yelena explains that the majority of the Manic Dead (that spilled out when a group of magic users split a larger entity called the Manic Death asunder) were kept in another prison to the one that the students opened. They have gathered the descendants of these magic users to safety in the castle as part of a plan in case the monsters ever got loose
Unfortunately some have been captured, after another fight mercedes storms away from Lad and is captured int he gardens, however Dani gave her a tracker and they find the monsters have returend to a river island
Due to the fact they massacred the people on the island the Verovian Snake God of Spring Season Lernos spurned them and so reptiles and snake venom are fatal to them making lad invaluable
Finally getting their way the students Join the venture to the isle and under cover from yelena and her aides they go with Reinhaller downwards to find the hostages. They kill Manic Uncle (a giant man) and save the hostages but Cam was taken by the disturbing pervert Manic Brother. They arrive to find Cam has beaten on Manic Brother and jammed a snake into his face (the island is crawling with snakes)
They slay Manic Son thanks to Yelena making a forcefield appear in his body and Manic Daughter too. They then escape the island
The castle is under attack and manic Mother, Manic Father and Manic Grandmother - slaying manic Grandmother they fail to stop Manic Father entering the castle, while the seemingly alive castle defends itself he reaches the room with the Scarlet Diamond in it (a substance from verovian minds that can have positive and negatvie effects on magic)
He breaks it and reunites the Manic Death all his family assimilating with it to become a gigantic cloud of evil
To everyone's surprise M.E.D.U.S.A arrives and assists. Yelena clearly does not approve of Adriannia's goals but takes the help.
Niklos Ashton, Cam's father vaults lad into the smokey beings flesh, on touching it Lad makes it solid and claws a way into it, the other students follow and thanks to Lad's predatorial senses find the heart
Uniting their powers they destroy the heart and dissipate the Manic Death forever, freeing the souls from the evil influence to pass on into the next life
M.E.D.U.S.A leave their recruitment pamphlets for the students and disappear
Cam decides to return to P.Prep (he secretly considers it home now)
Mercedes thanks Lad and deems him her hero
The students are given medals for their deeds
They are sent home with Lad asking Cam to make him and D some loin cloths
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Postby Safeguard » Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:29 am

Hold On (or Robert's greatest test yet.)

It was a sunny day at Poseidon Prep, when Rax appeared with some Brimstone Demons. Rax orders the demons to find Robert and bring the boy to him. The demons cause chaos wherever they go, attacking and badly injuring the students. Windows shatter and cracks open up in the ground. Veronica appears and the demons become interested in her, since Rax is partially cybernetic.

Robert is shocked by the appearence of the demons and tries to attack, only to be blasted in the back by Rax himself. Veronica tries a lightning attack but the demons are immune to heat, a demon retaliates by grabbing the gynoid by the face.

Nathaniel finally arives and crushes the demon with a gigantic rock-hand. Rax becomes enraged and pins Veronica to the wall with his cyber hammer, Nathaniel crushes the boy's shoulder with his rock covered hand. Robert feels the same thing that Rax feels since they are mentally connected via technology.

Nathaniel orders Veronica to find Cameron and Noah, he'll fight the demons himself.

Veronica reappears with Noah but can not find Cam, Rax increases the pain he is feeling so that Robert feels it as well. Noah threatens to blast Rax but is stopped by Nathaniel who foolishly grabs his trident which burns his flesh. Nathaniel tells them that Rax and Robert are connected mentally and the only way to save their friend is to destroy the 'inter-connector'.

Rax grows bored with the fight and destroys the machine himself, separating him and Robert.

He then merges with one of the demons present, amalgamating the two beings into one powerful demonic entity. Rax attacks Noah and tries to bring his darker pysche to the fore, due to Noah's unique heritage the plan goes awry and Rax gets blasted.

The amalgamation is disrupted and Rax opens a portal to a pergatory-like world that has a negative effect on Noah, Robert, Nathaniel and Veronica. Nathaniel gives a big portion of his power to Noah so he can heal, Robert makes a supposition and decides they need to attack Rax's trident. Veronica blasts the trident with a beam of Aeon light and it explodes thunderously, nearly knocking Rax off the rocky precipice.

Rax flew into a feral rage and he tried attacking Noah but was stopped by Robert who nearly punched him into next week.

Rax tried baiting Noah to switching sides but Aspirus appeared taking the whole party to his world and explaining that the only reason Noah is not affected by "The White" is that he is a friend.

Rax however is not so lucky and he suffers from his separation, like a drug addict would suffer a withdrawal. Aspirus imprisons Rax literally in the floor of The White, right beneath Nathaniel's feet. Back on Poseidon Prep grounds, Robert shakes Noah's hand and emotionally thanks him for his help. Nathaniel shows some concern for Veronica who is feeling a little awkward after visiting Aspirus' world. Veronica smiles and shrugs it off, saying she's ok. The students go to class with Nathaniel saying that Anthony'll tickle Robert when he founds out that he saw Aspirus. :)

((whew...not bad for my first time eh?))
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Postby Animal boy » Mon Sep 24, 2007 3:32 pm

For relationships Joel Tang aka. Limbless is dating Ewan Kellas aka. Myth.

And Tommy Wood aka. Animal boy is dating Noah Darcy aka. Asmodeus.
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Postby Brayon » Mon May 19, 2008 6:57 am

Any new summuries that can be added? I'm actually writing a story to post, and I was looking for info by reading this summary list. Anyone know of a good mage?
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