The RP in which there is no plot. At all.

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The RP in which there is no plot. At all.

Postby Mr. Banana » Sun Mar 22, 2009 3:32 pm

((ooc: Like the title says: this RP has no plot... at least not yet. Which means that anyone can do anything without screwing the story up. Hath no fear. And, as many of you know, when I write something, there's GOING to be crack. Oh, such crack there will be... And I don't mean just "crack", I mean "CRACK!!" ('cuz you're supposed to say it like that...) - So unless that's not your cup 'o tea, or are too afraid to get caught and thrown into a state penitentiary for so much as being around this much cracky-goodness ('cause as we all know, as far as the government's concerned, everyone's guilty by association), then this RP might not be for you... Well, then, let's get this show on the road!! =^_^=))


Kenji shifted in his sleep. He was never really a morning person, anyways, usually waking up in the afternoon. Still, Kenji felt something strange as he shifted; something that really jarred his awareness. It was cold... soft... wet... The boy couldn't help but shoot his eyes open. He had an idea of what to expect, and he had to confirm his suspicions.

"DAMNIT!!!" the young samurai bellowed.

There Kenji was, now sitting on his bed and half-covered by his sheets, and multiple corpses littered the room. Some on the floor, some on his desk and chair, some were even on his bed. Regardless, they were all over his now stained-red room.

Kenji got up, a storm cloud practically hanging over his head, as he walked over to the footlocker on his side of the dorm, wondering how the hell he's gonna explain this to his roommate... Again.

'Sorry, 'Thom, my toaster had another homicidal episode last night...' Kenji played out the conversation in his head. 'Again...'

The blue-haired samurai grudgingly undid the chains, padlocks, entered a 16-digit password, underwent a retinal and fingerprint scan, and finally had the microchip implanted into the back of his neck send a signal to the damned chest before it could open. Once the spooky fog crap was released out of the footlocker, Kenji stared face-to-hand at his pet haunted toaster, who's slightly charred hand propped out of the cursed kitchen appliance, and began flipping Kenji off.

'How many times have I told you not to go on killing sprees when I'm asleep!?" Kenji shouted at the toaster, who (while it didn't have a face) seemed uninterested in Kenji's reprimand. With a deep and heavy sigh, Kenji took the haunted appliance out of the chest and began walking to the school's common rooms.
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Postby Kagekaze » Tue Nov 24, 2009 6:39 pm

Quite instantly (no seriously, instantly) Joshua appeared next to Kenji, "Might that be a toaster you possess?" He said eyeing the toaster warily.
Joshua had heard rumors about Kenji's so called 'pet toaster' but he had found them all ridiculous up till now. The reason for that just so happens be that it wasn't every day that you saw a toaster walk on its own.
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