The Watchguard

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The Watchguard

Postby Deadeas » Sun Dec 13, 2009 7:13 am

[OOC: Well, I figured since I was finally back, it was time for a new RP. This is partly to get back into the habit of role-playing and to introduce some characters I've been working on. Have fun!]

It had taken nearly eight hours and they had seen nearly 100 potential recruits, but the visiting members from the Watchguard were finally finished for the day. Once they were outside, they sat on a bench and began to chat about the highlights of the day.

“Well, what did you think?” Revenant asked, absentmindedly adjusting his cape as he spoke.

“I was impressed...By a few, at least.” Ashlyn said quietly.

“Which ones? I can't tell Dr. Alexander who we'll want more detailed information about if I don't have names or descriptions.” Revenant said as he glanced up at Ashlyn.

“Well, there was the life-force manipulator...I think her codename was Qi.” Ashlyn said as she began to scroll through a list of names on her PDA. “She was most impressive.”

“I personally liked the one that transformed into a flame elemental. A little fire always makes things interesting.” Revenant said, quickly creating a small flame of hellfire in the palm of his hand and extinguishing it just as quickly.

“What about the one with the power armor, Iron Crusader? He seemed eager to prove himself as a potential team member.” Atomica said, pointing out one of the names on the list.

“Eh, he was a little to arrogant for my liking. It seems to run in his family. Remember when we were at Apollo Academy? We interviewed his sister.” Ashlyn muttered as she pulled up scrolled further through the list.

“Oh, yeah...The telepath. She was a bit of a pain...Literally. I still haven't gotten rid of the bruise from that punch.” Revenant said, rubbing the back of his head for a moment.

“Serves you right for thinking like that around a freaking telepath, you jackass.” Ashlyn said, smirking as she looked up at Revenant.

“Well, changing the subject to something less embarrassing, wanna walk the grounds? I was told that we are permitted to stay here as long as we wish.” Revenant said as he stood.

“Sure, why not? It couldn't hurt to see some of the students outside of the Battledome.” Ashlyn said, quickly putting her PDA into her utility belt. Soon, the group made their way to the courtyard. It was relatively crowded, despite the chill in the air. A few of the students took notice of their arrival, but most just continued with their conversations.
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Postby TailsofElements » Sun Dec 13, 2009 1:07 pm

Kiran sat in his tree overlooking the courtyard, deep in thought while he swung his legs back and forth lazily.

Marco laughed at some martial artists that said they knew a sacred martial art that no one else could know because the master teacher was dead. Marco was about to interject when he decided against it. Better to make them be happy instead of ruining it just to make himself feel better. Marco noticed the newcomers and his eyebrow raised as he tried to remember where he'd seen them from.
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