The Black End

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The Black End

Postby Safeguard » Sat Dec 03, 2011 10:25 pm

[[OOC: This RP will hopefully be better than my last, it involves doing battle with and eventually defeating the Blackened, strange animal-spirits that can possess people and (for a time) control their actions, embue human hosts with great physical power at the cost of slowly destroying their host-bodies. So...yeah I hope that it's not too gorry ^__^; ]]

Location: Poseidon Prep.

It was early afternoon and Sydney was in his room, Aubrey walked in and smiled at the android, who was clearly not aware of him. The vampire ran his fingers up the boy's socked feet and Android almost leapt out of the bed.

"Hey...not fair." Sydney smiled and wiggled his toes. "So is that all you came here to do?"

Aubrey laughed and shook his head, he sat on the bed next to his friend and Sydney chuckled.

"It's kind of lonely without Ethan here." Aubrey blushed and Sydney ruffled the boy's hair and the vampire smiled, blushing more.

The two remained silent and Aubrey looked on as the Android surfed the net on his laptop.
"It's actually quite simple, but since you just recently begun to walk upright it may take some time to explain." Jace Beleren to Garruk Wildspeaker.
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