Official Discussion Thread, Issue 10: Volcanic

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Re: Official Discussion Thread, Issue 10: Volcanic

Postby Verdant » Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:49 pm

Great points! I didn't want to say too much too early, but Dr. Alexander definitely has a thing or two to say about Kiki's excuses!
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Re: Official Discussion Thread, Issue 10: Volcanic

Postby Prince Blanche » Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:03 am

I'm seriously imagining Kiki singing the Cell Block Tango as Catherine Zeta-Jones' character. With the Vixxens in the other roles. IT'S GLORIOUS IN MY MIND, GLORIOUS I TELL YOU, I NEED FANART OF THE THING AND I HAVE NO ARTISTIC QUALITIES.

That aside, I do understand Kiki's reaction AND love how Dr. Alexander handled it. Hell hath no fury but you're not the one who's gotta pay the bills AND you're supposed to be acting with common sense.

As for the twist of Dion being said to enter Pride High... I actually see it as, in TV Tropes terms, Cruel Mercy. Yes, it's a good idea and a way to salvage what they can; but it opens up a whole lotta issues about Dion's status, his forceful outing and how so far it's shown not everybody in the school is rather accepting. AND YOU CAN SMELL THE DRAMA FROM HERE AND I'M IN VENEZUELA. Which helps, after all, I've always thought Pride High is essentially Sky High meets Degrassi meets Logo TV, in the best way possible that can be said.

All in all, I LOVE how in the latest page you can actually TASTE the disdain the girls have for Dion, even if they grudgingly accept him. Pragmatism at it's finest. Yet I ALSO understand Chip's reluctance and given that one-shot special set after the sophomore year, it makes me wonder about a lot of things.... but still.
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