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Postby Verdant » Thu Apr 12, 2007 5:18 pm

The thread of this focus was originally on spoiler-free reviews. However, as of April 2007, the discussion has been opened to spoilers and speculation. Feel free to discuss any and all aspects of this issue!
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Postby ceteria » Mon Jul 16, 2007 5:40 pm

I’m baaaack. Here’s my review for the ever lovely issue three.

A thing I like about Chip is that he can pull off pretty much any look. He can do his human look and appear cuter than a button (must remember to look up origins of that saying) or he can roam around in his feline form outside of his uniform and not look bizarrely out of place.

Very interesting plot spin when we find out that it was Craig to submitted the Holosim Module. However, unlike Verdant, I’m not surprised that Dr. Gunn got named in the lawsuit. It was kind of a cute moment though, seeing Verdant totally indignant on Dr. Gunn’s behalf, then comforting him about the battledome. Speaking of which, how on *earth* did the school convince everyone that they should keep it?

I was never actually aware of how lithe and (I really wanna say short) small-built Dr. Gunn is until he and Jorge hugged. It was painfully sweet and sad to see how ver fragile everyone is right now, even the adults.

So I was totally contemplating romance betweeen Dr. Gunn and Verdant when I read the next scene between them. And my whole fantasy shattered like a stained glass window. The cool part of this is that both sides have their own reasons for their arguement, and both believe their reasons are right. Which makes this scene totally believable.

The excuses everyone gave to not join Pride High was funny. My personal favorite was “Scotch Bonnet scares me!” Soo funny.

Ah, and here the freshman makes a reappearance. And if he’s not drawing pictures of his roomate, then I’m straighter than a ruler. Also? If his roommate’s code name turns out to be Captain Mapleleaf or something, someone will die a slow and painful death from a patriotic Canadian citizen. No self-and-country-respecting Canadian would pick a name like that.

I can’t figure out if the freshman in denial about his sexuality, or just a jerk. Or maybe he’s a jerk who’s in denial about his sexuality. Either way, Jorge’s annoyed face is totally justified. I’d love to find out more about this freshman and to see how he turns out.

I thought that the whole funeral scene was kind of overblown. The protesters didn’t really seem believable with their unorignial dialogue and instead of feeling heartbroken and angry, I was just turned off by the entire overblown scene.

It took a couple times of reading over to realize that the next scene was actually a flashback. I’d really like it if there was someway to tell if it’s a flashback, like the first two panel borders are blurry or something. Just to avoid more confusion.

When I first saw Unison and his power, my first reaction was “Omigod, it’s the chineese form of Jamie Mardox, Multiple Man” (property of X men, Marvel). Hopefully though, his personality will be orignial so I don’t substitute Unison for MM.

I don’t actually read a lot of fight scenes in comic books, so my opinion is right now simply my opinion. The art of the fight was well done and the anatomy was smooth. I didn’t quite like the commentary boxes however. They seemed too obvious in their telling and didn’t seem to really have use apart from taking up space. They reminded me of the early 1960’s comics when those little commentary boxes were a nessesity. Here, the art is good and the panels are easy to follow, so the little boxes aren’t really needed.

Dion stopped a fight. DION stopped a fight. Dion STOPPED a fight. DION STOPPED A FIGHT. You could knock me over with a feather right now. Though it was really nice to see a personality from him. I like seeing more than one side from him.

I loved the implication at the end that Scotch Bonnet and Beowulf were together. Hope to see more of them soon and their team mates put the little puzzle pieces together.

All in all, good issue. Not as awesome as the first, but definitally a step up from the second. This one felt more real and more emotional. I relaly enjoyed it and hope to see more of it.

Much love

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Postby JT » Thu Aug 02, 2007 7:21 pm

I've just become acquainted with Pride High, and just finished #3. Very good, very interesting, very confusing.

Of course, although "Craig submitted the holosim", in a school full of super-beings I'd be suspicious of a doppleganger. But it's still a mystery, and the "blackmale" clue disturbs me. (Not that I have a history of fidelity, but still...) (Although that could actually be a flashback to a bad episode between Craig and Jorge, and not related to the holosim at all.)

ceteria wrote: I thought that the whole funeral scene was kind of overblown. The protesters didn’t really seem believable with their unorignial dialogue and instead of feeling heartbroken and angry, I was just turned off by the entire overblown scene.

I live in KCMO, just a hop skip and jump from Fred Phelps territory (although he seems to be spreading out across the country). Actually, the dialogue is pretty spot on. Originality isn't Freddy's hallmark. And that the heroes DIDN'T attack him is a good thing; Fred has a history of agitating and then suing. One question I had is how the protestors knew that Mindsweeper was gay; he isn't an out super-hero, he's a high-school kid. Never mind. Having been exposed, the scene did make me furious.

Pride High is juniors, aren't they? Wouldn't having a freshman on the team be inappropriate, and maybe even dangerous? But I still want to know what the frosh's problem and powers are.

Pride High is getting as interwoven and twisted as Buffy. Love it.

One thing I really appreciated in this issue was the last page, with the member-created characters actually identified, instead of having to page through the issue guessing.

Keep it up, Tommy and Brian!
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Postby Verdant » Thu Aug 02, 2007 7:26 pm

JT wrote:Pride High is juniors, aren't they? Wouldn't having a freshman on the team be inappropriate, and maybe even dangerous?

No, they're sophomores and part of the Underclass division, which allows both freshmen and sophomores on I.S.C. squads. The Upperclass division is generally seniors and juniors, but exceptional underclassmen may qualify. Glad you're enjoying the series!
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Postby Safeguard » Mon Sep 24, 2007 4:53 pm

A great issue.

Chip is sooo cute. I like the friendship between him and Jorge, the hug Chip gave his friend was really cute. The tension between Verdant and Lightspot is pretty interesting too, perhaps there is some unresolved feelings there. Also I liked how Jorge confronted Chris about the Holoism Module and then he blew up when he tried to explain. Jeremy and Capp sharing a room is pretty interesting too, perhaps he's closeted, considering how he freaked out when he saw Jorge.

I think the fight between, Smash and Crash, Unison and Oblivious. Alex certainly fits into his name heh. Chip defending Unison from the Argonauts and KO unexpetectedly saves Jorge from getting pounded into next week, but gets thrown in detention by Lightspot heh, ooops.

Oh, I almost forgot about the church scene with all the protestors outside and how Jorge almost fried one of them with his powers. I loved how Mrs. Newman pretty much punked them out, that was hot!

Great issue!
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Postby QPuff » Sat Dec 19, 2009 1:24 am

Well the opening panels had me going aww, Cause well Chips adorable and really cares for his friends. Even if he does squeeze some ribs a bit to tightly.

I love the tension between JC and Gunn, You don't get to see how often teachers interact with each other in private let alone a fight over a student's death and a lawsuit. I loved the slight confrontation Jorge had with his teacher. You could see the desperation in him to find some answers. Even pushing himself to use his powers on his Teacher who did need to release what he had been holding back. Gunn is a mysterious guy but he has a big heart, He just can't show it to often since he has to be the role model for his students.

Quickly the first matches start for the I.S.C and the search for a fifth squad member begins but before the new member could be found Jorge thinks back to the funeral with his friends. It wasn't until this panel that Craigs death finally sunk into me, I felt in disbelief for awhile until I saw the casket and the awful ugly protesters. They may spout out the same lines of hate but it hurts just the same to family's and loved ones who must feel it as a slap in the face. Reading through the funeral I figured out that Craig was a very open guy about his sexuality not just in the school where his friends are. You can see how close Jorge was with Craig's parents. There is a lot of history there that is unspoken but you feel it with the panels.

In an interesting panel Jorge has a flashback of a small fight he had with Craig, At first I didn't understand it until I re-read it. Craig was caught with another guy, Jorge accused him of seeing the other guy because he was of a similar race. This wowed me with the realism of relationships especially when it comes to race and culture.

It was gut wrenching to see Jorge struggle through his speech, Especially when the protesters chimed up again, I admit I smiled to myself watching Craig's mom put her foot down with those people.

It was back to school time as the fifth member hunt was still on going. Crash and Smash up their usual tricks with their own new squad member ended up finding the fifth member for pride high while getting their tudey butts kicked. K.o. stepped in again and showed a sign of maturity. He later denies this even to himself and goes back to his irritable side. Scotch shows up after the fight as does Beowulf which makes your eyebrows lift.

The issue ends with a sign of unison from everyone. Issue 3 is a real tear jerker but also motivator for its readers. I loved the tiny details in every issue, You can spot the detail work in all the issues which makes them interesting to re-read again and again.
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