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Postby Sage » Wed Oct 03, 2007 3:50 pm

Wow... Maybe I'm rather slow, but I actually enjoyed the coloring so much more this issue. I loved the backdrops especially, with their lack of detail. It lets everyone focus more on the positioning and expressions of the characters.

My inability to access it right away probably made it that much more special when I DID get to see it and trust me: It was amazing in and of itself. I liked the heroes vs heroes concept and the 'drylander' thing. That made me laugh harder than anything for some reason. I wish I had more to say on the fabulous issue but my online time is limited as crap. T____T
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Postby Promstar » Thu Oct 04, 2007 3:39 am

Verdant wrote:That's her, with Brian Ponce's original art concept for her. Spanky wanted a different look. I'm pretty flexible with artists, so Spanky did away with the bindi and changed her hair and tiara.

Woo hoo 1 geek point for me
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Postby Chameleongirl » Thu Oct 04, 2007 5:55 am

Ooo, Promstar gets a No-Prize! :D
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Review for #5

Postby ceteria » Wed Oct 24, 2007 1:53 pm

Oh man! Where to begin...

firrst off, this was by far the best issue that I've read, simplyamazing. Great job, you guys!

So much character exploration, and the art was incredible and definitally refreshingly unique. I loved it so much. The thing that really stood out for me was the art, first and formost, and how very clear the character expressions were. I really perfer this style of art than the other that you were doing because of how clear the body language is. I really loved the shading that you did with Dr. Gunn, it was really good.

Bouncer was very cute in the lab scene, I love how happy he is when Dion starts paying attention to him. It made me laugh to see neat Cam's and Jorge's lab table is, and Dion's lab table has notes strewn everywhere and chemicals spilt on the table. Speaking of Cam, methinks he knows more about Dion than he should...

Hearing Jorge say that he hated the Hackers more than the Agronauts really made me smile. I love how you guys are drawing the Focus Of Hatred onto different people subtly.

The foreshadowing scene with Mischief and Lightspot made me squee. I'm now thinking that there was no way that the Battle Sim was an accident. The way that Dr. Gunn denied it, then calls up Mischief to report.

I still want to think of Craig as a hero, but it's getting harder and harder each issue. Makes me a bit sad...

I love how on page 21, when Jorge is dripping wet and says "Lets go" Chip is just staring in disbelief at Nagadevi. That was funny.

The fight scen was really excellent, I could follow it really easily. The only thing that annoyed me was that you wrote out "A fourth unison sneaks up on his opponent!" because it seemed kind of obvious.

I'm terrified for Chip and his leg, and praying that he won't have to lose it.

I really liked the pace of this story, especially how you introduced new conflicts and more stuff about the characters (esp. Lightspot). I have a whole new set of questions rattling around in my head now. The biggest one is how Dion found out where Jorge was going.

I have a feeling that a big confrontation between Jorge and his mentor is comming up pretty quick....dun dun dun....

I think what really stood this issue out from all the rest was that the characters were really realistic, and you got to see so much more from them. Like Claire for instance, and how she let loose on the shark.

Anyways, overall guys, great issue. The art was fantastic (JT, I didn't even notice the coloring until you pointed it out) and the plot and dialogue was great and really realisitc. You guys are slowly building it up, and I can't wait to see where you take this.

Much Love,

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Postby TailsofElements » Mon Jun 09, 2008 9:43 pm


I have to say, I get skeptical whenever art gets changed because I have a notion that new art means new writing but wow. It was amazing and in the same style. Cameron looks cuter than I thought. I was picturing a too hot for you look but it works and you can most definetly see his soft spot for Jorge. It obvious Dion likes Jorge doing the looking when you can't see and Bouncer is so adorable for a Hacker. Lightspot is in denile until you see the next frames and he's most definetly hiding something. Jorge has a knack for getting them in trouble doesn't he. KO's entrance reminded me of this, "Here I come to save the day!" Lol. I love seeing Claire going all out but I wish I could see Suravi do that. Complete sun ownage! The Champions of Atlantis have major teamwork going on. I have to say the Unison stuff, completely heart wrenching. Power little guys. Now the question is how is Nagadevi tied to Craig....hmm.
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Postby Oni » Fri Oct 31, 2008 2:16 pm

I was amazed by this volume. Seeing Cam in the ink was just great >M< More love for the little outcast that he is. The comments about Dion's staring and Cam's staring made me squeal loved that bit so much

As for the actually fighting, I loved it. I got to look at the Atlantians and compare it to the information I had made prior abotu Faye and her mother so yey for that. And Chip's faces during this were just so cute. I had the desire to pinch his cheeks xD Felt kinda bacd for Unison, poor kid And yes just what is good ol KO up too hmn?
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Postby Dresdendolls95 » Tue Mar 02, 2010 5:55 pm

First, a summary. Jorge is still curious about Craigs death. He asks Cameron Ashton, the son of two supervillians, if he knew any names that could give him clues. The one name Jorge was able to use was Nagadevi, who supposedly could be found at a sea port, which she was. The gang went to interrogate her but were harshly interupted by a not-so-nice group known as The Champions of Atlantis. A fight ensued and lots happened, but the rest is up for the readers to learn about.
This issue was good for multiple reasons. Firstly, the art work was fantastic. There was a great use of colors that really popped out to the reader and looked new and fresh. You could barely even tell it was an indie comic. Also the illustrations were very good. It was all very bold, clean and cartoon-like. Sometimes having too many details, actually takes away from the drawings, which the illustrator managed to avoid. The last reason the artwork worked was Scotch Bonnet. Comming from a gay kid this might not mean alot, but this was the first time that I actually thought she looked hot. I think it may have been the hair.
Secondly, this was the first comic-book like story. Previously Pride High has come across more like a heavily illustrated novel, but now it is finally having it's own episodes. The issue had little relevance to the others in some ways, but was able to link to them in others. Another aspect of this was the action was top notch. They were origional and there were a few scenes that stood out in my mind. The first one was Scotch Bonnet and Wave Witches which was great just because of the raw power and beauty of it. The other scene was when Unison uses his own body to protect his comrades. It was even better when you realize that doing this was not without it's consequences.
And the following reasons I liked this issue are just a few random things I appreciated. You really got to see alot of Unison's heritage in this one, with his traditional clothing and his actually looking asian. D' Ombre was also neat because he strayed away from your typical computer geek, and in a story like this we like to break steryotypes. Cameron Ashton was totally flirting with Jorge, which puts a new twist onto things. And there was one panel where Dr. Gunn looked genuinly evil, which added an extra layer to him.
I really only have two criticizms of this issue. Firstly, Mischief's look is totally not working for him. He is supposed to be fatherly looking, not annoying macho super-hero. Secondly I wasn't a huge fan of the front cover. The artwork was nice, but it really had no relevance to the story. Especially since Lightspot and Chip Cheetah were the two least used ones in the story. Other than that, great issue and I can't wait to read more!
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