Official Discussion Thread, Issue 6: Kid Gloves

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Postby Oni » Fri Oct 31, 2008 9:18 pm

I loved it so much tension! I cant wait for the next one =D

Im lovin the history between between Jorge and Dion, almost reminds me fo a few characters of mine in another story.

Though I feel really bad for Dion being denied by alot of the Olympians. Though it does sorta figure Hades would just hand over his power to him. -wasnt at all surpised-

I want to know what Dion was doing D= Poor Jorge. -must know what happened- Eeeks I love this comic -is too addicted for her own good-

Im just really glad PH put the Argo. down for once. They were just a tad to high on their horses and Im happy to see them kicked down a peg. Best part was when Jorge reminded KO that Oblivous wasnt with him ><
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Postby Verdant » Fri Oct 31, 2008 11:25 pm

Oni wrote:Best part was when Jorge reminded KO that Oblivous wasnt with him ><

Kid Olympus wrote:D'oh!!!
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Postby Dresdendolls95 » Fri Apr 09, 2010 11:03 pm

This was possibly the best issue so far. It was the first one that actually felt like a comic book instead of a novel made of illustrations. It made some great plot twists and left the audience with some major cliff hangers. but there were two main reasons that this issue worked so well. The action scene was the best to date from tommy, and the artwork was great.
Scotch Bonnet is one of my favorite characters. She's unique in the fact that she is not the typical pyrokenetic. She needs to be creative and use dynamic fire creatures to do her work. So I loved that we got to see her fully utilized in the fights. This was kind of her "big break". Also we got to see lots of new powers with lots of old characters. I always thought that the argonauts were just a bunch of meat heads with verying degrees of strength and indurability. But each one has a unique ability that works well with their personality. I liked how union was one of the first ones out of the game because in the last one he was the only one remaining. It was good to show that he was at an equal level with his peers. My only criticizm of the fight was Chip. He was so lame and useless, (sorry to all the Chip devotees). But I want to see him be really helpful in a fight.
The artwork was the best to date from Pride High. It was the best representation for all of the characters. Especially Union. This was the first time where I thought he actually looked Chinese. I also loved the whole purple vs. blue thing going on with jorge and Ko. It was really emphasised in this issue and I think its very cool.
So for the art work and the action sequences this was the best to date. Tommy seems to be getting progressively better with each issue being better than the last, (minus the hacker issue). So I can't wait to read the next issue.
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