Official Discussion Thread, Issue 2: Game Over

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Postby Safeguard » Mon Sep 24, 2007 1:31 pm

OMG that was intense...where to begin...

Firstly I love the relationship between Jorge and Mischief, it's so cute, there's definitely a father/son thing going on. It was so amazing just seeing how Jorge really just overloaded on the empathy with Kid Olympus, when he thought that he (KO) had rigged the whole accident. Seeing the whole accident, Chip Cheetah and Scotch Bonnet getting hurt and Kid Mischief being overwhelmed by one of the jaguars. I liked how Jorge finally realized that Dion was the one that saved him. Also before I forget, the way Jorge freaked out when Mischief cut his finger, that was especially intense and how Mischief hugged Jorge afterwards. So sweet.

All in all, I think it was an amazing issue. I like how there were messages written on a white board for Jorge, that was really sweet.

So yeah, a wicked issue and I feel for Jorge.

*Hugs KM* :)
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Postby QPuff » Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:39 am

Well first I love how it starts off in the infirmary, It slows the pace down and turns from an action packed 1st issue into a interesting mystery in the 2nd with its flash backs and the trying to get a sense of what happened.

I found the I.M. panel to be touching, The finger cutting scene made me wince, It triggered a flashback from jorge where we see a glimpse of where we left off in the 1st issue.

Next we get a deeper view on k.o. whose personality and sense of character slowly break through, And there was an explosive side to jorge's anger wow.

I jumped for joy reading jorge's decision to come back to school.

The actions scenes were well done, But I loved the emotion that was conveyed through the panels. You really do get closely attached to the characters in a short amount of time.
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