RPG Recon: So What Is It You Like To Play

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RPG Recon: So What Is It You Like To Play

Postby The Hellion » Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:50 pm

So the RPGs seem to have gone a bit quiet lately, probably due to it being mid december, thats why now is probably a good time to ask people about their preferences and interests in RPGs in the forum.

Firstly: What kind of game do you like? Intellectual, Social, Action, Mystery, etc. Find your own definitions for your own perspectives.

Secondly: What makes you want to play and post in an RPG?

Thirdly: What do you think the writer should be doing when they run a thread?

Fourthly: What stories would you point people at to get involved in?

Basically if we let things go quiet again I will be very disappointed :( so I want to see what I can do to drag y'all back here to get interactive. Some of the old threads could make awesome stories in fact.
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Postby Mr. Banana » Wed Dec 07, 2011 9:16 pm

Well, since you've asked...

1. I don't normally go for social RPs unless they're gag/humorous/crack stories. It just feels like many of them lack plot and substance. Action Rps are fine, as long as the fighting doesn't go on forever and no one god-modes. Normally I prefer the intellectual/mystery ones, the ones that completely engage you.

It has more to do with the themes and how they're written than what kind of genre the RP is that interests me, I'll admit. My favorite ones are RPs that mess and toy with your head. Atmosphere is also a HUGE factor - I like to be able to visualize what kind of environment the characters are in, how it feels and smells... I love sensory stimulation in stories. The way I see it, the 'world' the characters are in is also another character all itself. But that might just be me...

Another point is that an RP about nothing but happy, sugary BS won't cut it. I like to get to the nitty gritty in an RP, try to make it as 'realistic' as possible. Life is full of some awesome things, but simultaneously it's full of things that absolutely suck. Everyone goes through shit in their lives, and I like RPs that don't shy away from that fact. A story where everyone is expected to hold hands and sing "We Are Family" just isn't going to cut it in my books.

2. Asking "what makes you want to roleplay" is a lot like asking "what makes you want to play video games," so I'll answer it as such. As I said before, I'm a sucker for atmosphere. The more demented, obscene and twisted it is, the better; though I'm also fine with the basic themes. It's a chance to make your own character complete with virtues and vices, perfections and flaws; adding a piece of yourself to a world without becoming a total self-insert. Instead of just watching a movie or reading a book, it's having the opportunity to influence how the story progresses, and to affect other characters and have them affect you as well along the way.

3. I think the author should have a clear-cut image of whatever theme or tone in their mind. Roleplays by nature are fluent and can change direction instantly thanks to how peoples' characters react to what happens. While GMs are basically god of the story they author, they should give some leeway to allow others to respond how they think they should. Otherwise, they might as well write a fic. I'll admit, I'm not the greatest author, but I do try to take everything into consideration - motive, environment, perspective; just constantly ask yourself "why this/that" and try to come up with a satisfying answer.

4. This is sort of tough for me since I've been away so long... I know that RPs written by you, Hellion, are generally well-versed and entertaining. I also typically like Prince Blanche's, specifically the ones that take place in Gehenna. Other than that, I'd have to give examples of mainstream works, which is going to be a bit tricky... Compared to other forum RPs I've been in, most people I've seen here are generally adequate, if not good. Well written, thoughtful, full of personality...

However, I would suggest an area for OoC posting, if only to explain things to everyone without requiring an IC post (hell, maybe even to include guest character bios that don't go into the student/faculty roster). Hell, maybe shake things up so that RPs don't necessarily have to take place in the same universe as Pride High/Poseidon Prep. Hell, maybe a post-apocalyptic one in which 80% of the world has been decimated and Poseidon Prep has been destroyed? Just a thought...

Things are pretty quiet now... eerily so. Let's try not to let this site die again, okay?

I hope this was satisfactory.
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Postby candyman1989 » Wed Dec 07, 2011 10:24 pm

Firstly: This really depends on when you ask me. Normally I would say mystery but lately I've been enjoying more of the social side and character development. I like a good fight but enjoy it more when my characters have a strong Reason to fight.

Secondly: I play and post in RP's to tell stories. Since we don't use hard mechanics on the site I don't have to worry about my inner min maxer getting carried away and I feel less of a drive to win here then I do in other games.

Thirdly: Flexibilty is a must. It's great to have plans and ideas but if there's only one way to solve a problem that's a bit poor. I remember one player taking down a bad guy in one of my threads by kissing another character. Took me completely by surprise.

Fourthly: H you run the best threads on the boards hands down. S&S is a great thread at the moment (will post tonight when I can steal Maffs comp.) if I was going to point out top three it would be: High Society, seven days of bad news and the one in bedlam.
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Postby Towkarn » Thu Dec 08, 2011 4:13 am

1: E. All of the above! :D

I think that all RPs need a dose of intellectualism, otherwise you're not going to get anywhere with it because it will be too dull.
Social RPs are good for defining relationships, livelihoods and quirks about the characters; they can be combined with other kinds as well, like the Social/Intellectual/Mystery RP that Mr. B is running, "All You Need Is Lovecraft".
Action is generally what makes a superhero story; if you watch just an action sequence from a superhero movie you can tell what their powers are like, what their personality is like, what their motivations are, etc. Of course, in RPs you tend to need to take it a little slower and let everyone contribute instead of KOing the baddie yourself in one post (unless they're just that kinda baddie :P)
Mystery is lovely, but needs details which some people forget to include. I do <3 mysteries, though.

2: Making an interesting story with other people.

3: Providing story hooks and encouraging people to take part. Some of us do it better than others *hangs head in shaaaame, oh the shame!*

4: The ones that make for awesome character development :P
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Postby ShastaB24 » Thu Dec 08, 2011 7:24 pm

It's an interesting thing to think about. Here's how I see it:

1. I generally don't have a preference, as it varies from day to day what I prefer. This ties in to the second for me.

2. Really, I like to post where my character can be. Obviously, I can't put Amber or Vince in an all-magic characters RP, nor in one that is closed off to anybody joining. As well, I tend to stay away from the threads that have built up a large amount of posts before I join, because I don't always have the time to read all of said posts (and since I tend to not read the fanfics--unless they involve my characters, because I'm not above that vanity--I treat the RPs often in the same way).

3. Anybody running a thread should make sure that things are open for other posters. It's not common, but sometimes someone will start an RP without any reasonable reason to think someone else's character would be involved. If somebody wants a more closed-off environment, it doesn't work well as an RP. As well, if they have an overall story going on, the person running it should make contact with the other writers and give them information that informs their characters' reactions--like how "We Have Your Precious Dr. Alexander" seems to be doing (I do recall once being given a private message as to a text that Vince gets in the story--it helped me actually post something more forthcoming--and now I haven't posted in some time because I have no idea what Amber and Vince are actually doing in it anymore, or if they are just taking up space).

4. I like to promote my own, of course, but often they are specific ones that deal with my overall narrative, even if I never get down to finishing the comic portion of my story so that I can move on to the latter half of the school year. However, I say people should try some of the less plotted ones if they want to get involved to start with. They help with characterization and interaction. From there people can branch into more structured stories and have a good idea how their characters work in the overall environment and what people are okay with you posting or not (as in, if some actions you were prone to write were Mary Sue-ish, you find that out in simpler threads, because people can warn you and you don't mess up a complex story).
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Postby Darkness1 » Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:06 pm

I'm taking time out to answer this:

1) Plot. Damn it but rps need plot, and not just "blah blah fun rp" I need something that can engage me not just as an rp-er but also as a person. Draw on philosophy, myth, science or something but for god sake if all you're going to post is "A kissed B" then I'm sorry but I'm out.

2)what makes me want to play? Well; something that challenges my characters. They're mortal and so far I don't think Thomas has actually utilised his powers and on times that's actually nice is to see him not being able to as a result of ethics. Something that stretches him, Chris and mike is something that makes me play ball.

3) A Writer's job is to keep the player asking for more. Who is the villain, why are hey villain or is the hero the real villain? Will activating the door cause a trap to trip? Suspense and intrigue if the Writer's main aim. Keep it fresh, interesting and original. While this can be difficult. Ever forget that an rp you start should have an aim and on times maybe this could work into an ark?

4) what would I aim people to? Well, something with plot, challenge and interest. Thats what I look for and that's what I would encourage people to get involved with. An easy ride isn't as fun if the journey is smooth. These rps are meant to develop our characters and if things are handed on a plate well then what's the bloody point?

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Postby Safeguard » Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:56 pm

First all...

1. I like action, lots of action.

2. Good characters, humor, good fights, something new.

3. Don't give hints that are so cryptic no one can understand them, try to help the people in the RPG understand it as much as possible without giving the whole thing away. Being cryptic just...slows things down.

4. Stories where the world is in danger, kinda obsessed with that idea, I like the feeling of despair or hopelessness in the face of a world ending apocalypse (o.O). As well, I like the feeling of overcoming that melancholy.
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Postby Deadeas » Fri Dec 09, 2011 9:06 pm

    1. I have a preference for strongly story-based games. Mere social interaction with no semblance of plot kills any potential game for me. Whether it be due to a tendency to fill the game with meaningless romance scenes or my personal deficiency regarding characterization (the latter more likely than the former), something about having a game without a plot is just a complete turnoff to me.
    Additionally, the atmosphere projected in the games must have some element of grittiness to it. This universe isn't the Silver Age; smiles and happiness aren't the reaction that would result from a group of teens ending up forced together for one reason or another.

    2. For me, it has more to do with experiencing the plot, the other characters, and universe that I'm participating in. I appreciate the work that goes into all the parts involved; the GM's plotting and writing, the other players' characters, and the background universe.

    3. The GM should have a clear plot in mind, with a corresponding mood grafted onto said plot. This creates an atmosphere intentionally molded to to the story which prevents unintenitonal hilarity/horror should player interaction change the feeling of the game.

    4. As the others have said, your games have tended to be the benchmark of quality here, Hellion. They're typically the most active and are extremely well-written.
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Postby Prince Blanche » Sat Dec 10, 2011 12:44 am

Well, I admit my latest lack of posting mostly came from my social and school life going from "kinda hectic" to "unbearable" and some other details that ended up making me feel rather down and in no real mood to write. Trying to get over that, though....

Firstly: I would have to say I like all of them, specially if combined well. I tend to decant myself more towards Action RPGs first and foremost, but like balancing said Action with some Social and Mystery elements if possible, and adding some crack up there if possible (just to spice it, shall we say).

Secondly: Mainly, the plot and atmosphere of an RPG: if it catches my eye I just jump into it. I also like seeing other people's points of views and ideas about the plot, and just the fact that it can be an story where everyone contributes to a degree. Bonus points if the RPs plot and themes are centered around mythology, religious imagery or magic, and some cosmic horror in the style of Lovecraft is always good to catch my eye.

Thirdly: First of all: define EXACTLY what you want in the RP, what situations the characters might confront and what side characters might appear. Yes, leave it open for others to collaborate as they see it fit, but lay out just what you want to get done and try to direct things to go in that direction, while keeping in mind to let the others contribute to the story.

Fourthly: I don't want to sound like a sycophant here, but really Hellion, you ARE the best Game Master around here, in my humble opinion. Your RPGs are normally a good mix between action and socialization, letting the characters develop and grow and placing an emphasis on character interaction, plot and story, while ALSO delivering good action scenes and making it all easy to follow if you actually keep up with it. I personally wanted to get into Sword and Sorcery but couldn't at the time (I wanted to wait until I could finally post a character that I've been working on for months now, and in between that and my life interfering a little it all ended up going a lot faster than I could keep up with). I also greatly enjoy Mr. Banana's RPs (dude is GREAT at creating atmosphere and plots), Candyman (same as Mr. Banana, he is great at creating a good atmosphere for the RP and I generally like the way he handles the plot) and MentalFloss (his RPs, with their varying levels of seriousness and complexity, are just way too much fun for me). For more specific stories that are still up and running, Holiday from Reason is so far one of my favorites, All You Need is Lovecraft is just lovely in every sense of the word for me and Sword and Sorcery (While I don't really post there) is just great (though then again I might be biased thanks to the arthurian theme....)
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Re: RPG Recon: So What Is It You Like To Play

Postby kakaronaldo » Tue Nov 01, 2016 2:30 am

i agree with the second comment...
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