RP Continuity

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RP Continuity

Postby Darkness1 » Sun Oct 11, 2009 12:55 pm

Right I know the rps/fics and all that are not comic canon. Furthermore I completely agree given some of the stuff that goes on in there (have you seen some of my rps, I hit myself that they were bad). The reason this thread is here is so we can get some kind of reference point for basing the rps. By this I mean like certain events or rules that govern them so we can avoid getting confused and avoid crossing the line of safe and Jean Grey/Supes/Wolverine. It's mainly here so we can create a database of order so we can just instead of setting out rules at the start of every rp just refer back to here. Mods, feel free to delete the thread if you think it's a bad idea. If not, we'll agree on rules and consolidate them into a list, a set of Commandments per sé.

Any one think it's a good idea?
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