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Postby ajah2 » Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:00 am

Heroic name: Armoury
Real name: David Thompson
Squad: n/a
Gender: Male
Orientation: Bi

Ethnicity: Caucasian, by way of England, by way of Normandy, by way of Denmark.
Place of birth: Sydney, Australia.
Age: 16
Class: Sophomore
Green eyes, Brown Hair, Lightly tanned skin and stands at about 185cm. Prefers loose comfortable clothing but always seems to have fingerless gloves on no matter the weather.
Has the Runic symbol Stan with a smaller Gar rune inside it tattooed on the palm of each hand
Psionics, focused with memnonic sigils. His powers are contained through rigorous meditative practices. Without using his sigils he is able to see psionic and psychic energies that are linking people, ranging from telepathic communication to full on possession.
The sigils he uses are Stan and Gar, the anglo saxon runic symbols for Stone and Spear respectively. Using them he can produce the following effects.
Stan: Used for protection and reinforcement of both physical and mental defenses, this sigil allows Armoury to put up walls or wrap his psionic power around an object to protect and strengthen it. Due to his own powers' penchant for pouring out all over the place if not kept in check, Armoury has erected some very strong walls around his mind. This serves to keep others out, and himself in. Telepathic communication is all but impossible for those without the power and finesse to get through his blockades.
Gar: Used for offense, either by direct blasts or by shaping lethal constructs. Attacks made with this sigil affect only the mind, causing pain while not leaving a trace of damage on the physical body. These attacks can also disrupt the psychic connections in the target, breaking a telepath's contact and sending shockwaves of pain along the severed connection. When dropping the walls around his mind, he can make a blast of such intense power that it can fry neurons and cause braindeath in anything it touches.
There is also something he is able to do by allowing his powers to spill out uncontrolled. His family refer to it as the Purification. His psionic abilities pour out into his surroundings 3 meters from his skull, touching every mind around him and melting any psychic connections it comes in contact with. This does, however, leave his own defenses down making him vulnerable to other psionics.
- Anything without a proper mind will be unaffected by Armoury's psionic attacks.
- Armoury's defenses may be constructed at the speed of thought, but he only has a human's reaction times. Any opponent that can move faster than humanly possible would be able to get to him before he can raise a wall.
- Armoury needs to relax his strict self discipline and mental guards at least once a week. This is usually safely done within a binding circle, but if performed unrestrained will stretch out to 3 meters and could be very dangerous to anyone who gets within that range.
- If enough force is applied to one of his constructs to shatter it, Armoury will suffer a great deal of pain when reabsorbing the pieces. This usually occurs immediately, but he can hold it off for a short time.
Skills: Trained with quarterstaff and pole-axe style weaponry. He is adept at identifying ingredients by taste and can be extremely resourceful when it comes to campfire cooking. He's also pretty good at the polevault.

Oak Quarter staff with the runes Gar and Stan both engraved on either end.

Small smiles, a sarcastic sense of humor and highly observant of others.
Has a few trust issues, especially of other psionic's and those that seem to trust himself quickly.
Armoury is at Poseidon Prep to learn control over his powers and becoming something other than what the majority of his family see him as.

History: Coming from a family that can trace its line right back to the Norman Invasion of England in 1066 and further down the line into myth as a family that apparently where a band of monster slayers would normally be considered kinda cool by slightly nerdy y gen.

Not so cool when you are one of the people your family regards as Axe first, questions later.

David began manifesting his powers at an early age, much to the alarm of his family. Since that day they started Hammering into him that whilst yes his powers where useful in preserving free will in others he himself could not be trusted, no Psionic could.
Even worse was that the amount of psionic strength he has does not stop growing meaning they couldnt just teach him to bottle it up and never use it. He had to be taught to harness it.

Enter Gramp's, Also known as Daniel.
He took David away at about age 11, three years after his minds strength began to manifest. He trained him, fed him and even hired tutors to teach him the simple things. Turned out Gramps was a psionic was well and had decided that David deserved a better life. He had managed to Squirrel David away from the rest of the family if he promised to keep an eye on him, make sure he didn't do something crazy and become a super-villan.

Apparently his Family had always had psionic's in it and whilst they where useful, they where almost universally feared, hated and meeting with messy ends.

After a few years David was able to create weapons and shields with his mind and became very skilled with pole-arms as Gramps kept the family tradition of a warriors training alive, claiming it would be useful when he was older.

He then announced that David would go to Poseidon Prep.

David was less than impressed, mostly due to his own hesitance at being around other psionics, old habits die hard as they say and bigotries are just as tenacious.
After one whole winter of what would normally be summer for those in the northern hemisphere of catching up, homework and being punished in inventive ways for missing assignments David was shipped of to Pride High.

Quirks: Always starts his day with a cup of Russian caravan tea.
Hates with a passion Lutefisk and Hakarl.

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Postby The Hellion » Sun Apr 08, 2012 4:58 pm

Interesting character, I look forward to learning more about him "uptime"
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Postby Towkarn » Sun Apr 08, 2012 9:45 pm

Heehee, not English Breakfast? :P

So now the question, what's his superhero outfit gonna look like? :)
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Postby candyman1989 » Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:25 pm

Hey. Always love to see new students. Maybe give this a try? It's a bit more fleshed out. :)
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Postby MentalFloss » Sun Apr 15, 2012 8:39 pm

Very unique!

I wonder how he would combat magical or digital onslaughts... it would be interesting to mix them...
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