Crossover project--anybody interested?

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Crossover project--anybody interested?

Postby ShastaB24 » Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:18 pm

I read through the Crossover Wars not long ago and it got me the bug to do a big crossover endeavor in a similar vein. I was wondering if any of you on this board (and maybe Tommy himself, which I doubt, because he likely has his hands full just trying to get the next issue of Pride High finished) would be interested in participating. I know not many of us are artists, but most of us are storytellers, and if you check out the Crossover Wars you will see that some comics were heavily integrated with... less than quality artwork.

One thing they did during the Wars that I would think would be interesting was their Forum Wars, which I think was RPing, with artists drawing those sequences later. It would be interesting if Poseidon Prep were invaded and we had our characters fight off said villains. Such a project could also potentially bring more readers to the message boards here and help us get back to a busy level of activity.

About the crossover project itself: a Kirbyesque villain named Shai'tan has set out to conquer multiple universes. He loves the challenge of battle and believes in fair, one-on-one combat (inspired by video game and superhero universes he has encountered/conquered). He has a bevvy of minions who serve him either out of respect for his power or fear of what he may do to their loved ones if they rebel (since he believes in fair play, he will not kill them without giving them a sporting chance to beat him). As Shai'tan sets out to invade multiple universes, different heroes gather to oppose him. However, these heroes will also face opposition in their own ranks, as there are two factions. One has a leader of pure motives, the other corrupt.

I would hope to start the crossover in January of next year (and no earlier--these things take time to plan out), and would love to see where it would go. I'm putting feelers out into so many places, but this is the primary forum I think of when I think of doing something like the Forum Wars. But aside from that, if any of you have a webcomic and want to get it involved, that would be great, too. Heck, if you have a webcomic you frequent and would like it to be involved, send the creator my way or send me to them. After all, I get limited to who I follow, and that doesn't even scratch the surface of the comics out there.
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