Japanese Mashed Potato Soup

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Japanese Mashed Potato Soup

Postby MentalFloss » Fri Jul 18, 2008 1:55 pm

This is an Asian fusion recipe once used by Iron chef Morimoto from New York. I kept the basic recipe but added a little California twist of my own.

1 large Russet potato (10-12 oz/ 275-350g)
1 stick Unsalted butter
3/4cp cream (If cream is not available use the same amount in half& half and add another 1/2 sick of butter)
3.5cp fish broth*
0.5cp of chicken broth*
4tbsp sake (do NOT use unfiltered sake)
1tbsp soy sauce
2 Scallions cut on a bias in thin strips

*If Japanese Dashi broth is available, this should be used instead.

(Yields about 4 servings)

1.) Peel and cut the potato into quarters, gently boil until the potato is soft but NOT beginning to disintegrate. Mash dry until most but not all lumps are gone. place in large saucepan with a rubber spatula.

2.) In a small saucepan, combine butter and cream(or half&half) and bring over low heat until butter melts and liquid begins to steam slightly but NOT boiling or simmering.

3.) Place the saucepan of mashed potatoes over low heat and gently wiskin the cream/butter mixture until potatoes are thick and smooth. remove from heat and cover to keep moist and warm.

4.) quickly bring the chicken and fish broth, soy sauce and sake to a boil over high heat. once brought to a full rolling boil, remove from heat.

Gently spoon equal amounts of the mashed potato in to the center of 4 soup bowls making mounds that slightly peek above the height of the bowl.
VERY GENTLY ladle the hot broth on and around the potato in each bowl.
Top the potato with a TINY dab of the wasabi and lay the chopped scallions along the side. Serve immediately.
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Postby Chameleongirl » Fri Jul 18, 2008 6:57 pm

Man, that sounds really yummy! :D
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