Bath Salts

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Bath Salts

Postby candyman1989 » Tue Aug 25, 2009 4:45 am

(Not strictly cooking but hey….)

Travis’ Bath-salt Blends

First take a cup of Epsom salts (or sea salt in a pinch) and place it in a resealable plastic bag. Next add your essential oils and, if you wish, food colouring. When using food colouring do so sparingly, a green bath can take a very long time to clean.

Once you’ve placed your salts, oils and colouring in the bag seal it and force out any air. Roll the contents around in your hands and force the ingredients to mix thoroughly.

Once you are satisfied that the ingredients have combined place the bag in a cool dark place and leave for three days. Once the time has passed remove the bag and place its contents into the desired container.

Use two to three tablespoons for a standard bath. Do not use bath salts or most products containing essential oils while pregnant.

“Smith” Family Favourites:

Warding Wash: With the sedative effects of Frankincense and the purifying properties of lavender this blend is ideal for when you feel negativity is tying you down. Trying adding a small handful of dried lavender flowers to the mix when you bottle the salts.

Lavender – 3 drops
Rosemary – 1 drop
Frankincense – 1 drop
Suggested colour – Clear

Bottled Sunshine: With the sharp scent of lemon and the warmer scents of cinnamon and clove this mix has a feel of light and heat to it. The lemon promotes energy and clarity. The cinnamon stimulates and offers protection while the clove wards of negativity.

Lemon – 2 drops
Cinnamon – 3 drops
Clove – 1 drop
Suggested colour – Yellow or orange. (Two drops yellow food dye or two drops yellow one drop red.)

Healer’s Helper: A very focused concoction, all the oils having been chosen for their healing properties. Chamomile to reduce fever, Thyme for headaches and exhaustion, Sandalwood to lower blood pressure and clear congestion and Juniper to relieve cold and flu symptoms. Place an Amethyst in the bottom of the jar before putting the salts in.

Chamomile – 1 drop
Juniper – 1 drop
Sandalwood – 3 drop
Thyme – 1 drop
Suggested colour: Blue or Green (Two drops of blue or three drops of green food dye)
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