Squad: Pride High
Real Name: Jorge Ponce
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican
Place of Birth: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Orientation: Gay
Age: 16
Class: Sophomore
Eyes: Purple
Hair: Black
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135

Powers: Empathy, telekinesis, burgeoning telepathy. Kid Mischief has the power to induce drastic moodswings, taking the concept of emotional manipulation to a new level.

Limitations: His empathy and telekinesis both require line of sight. Unlike other empaths, his "emotional radar" requires active concentration and works better when focused on a single individual.

Skills: Street smart fast-talking hustler. Computer savvy. Great mimic.

Weapons/Gadgets: None

Physical Appearance: Kid Mischief is wiry and taut, with a devilish grin always at the ready. What he lacks in strength he makes up in agility. His purple eyes tend to distract people who meet him for the first time.

Personality: Spanglish speaking smart-mouthed punk. Loves to give his teammates shit. Calls his mentor, Mischief, "Papi" and is generally disrespectful toward adults. In reality though his bond with the elder Mischief is very tight. Jorge is fiercely loyal, but you wouldn't want to be his enemy, especially if you were formerly a friend. A vegetarian ever since his first empathic link with an animal, Jorge grudgingly accepts his boyfriend Mindsweeper's love of steak.

History: Jorge was at the right place at the right time when a super villain crime was being perpetrated. The former hero known as Mischief (long retired and in street clothes) also happened to be on the scene and was forced to come out of retirement. Jorge bravely stepped in to protect the innocent bystanders and was hit by an accidental power transfer from Mischief. Jorge was nearly killed and remained in a coma for weeks. When he came to, his eyes had changed from black to dark purple (like Mischief) and he began to exhibit strange mental powers. Mischief ended his retirement to mentor the newly superpowered teen.

Character by Carl Hippensteel