Real Name: Pollux & Castor
(Paul & Cas) Murphy
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Greek & Irish-American
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA
Orientation: Straight
Age: 15
Class: Sophomore
Eyes: Hazel-Green
Hair: Brown
Height: 58"
Weight: 155 lbs.

Powers: Smash & Crash are two of the strongest underclassmen at Poseidon Prep, with each able to press over 12 tons. They are both extremely resistant to most forms of physical damage. They share a rudimentary telepathic link and are aware of each other's condition at all times.

Limitations: The twins are particularly susceptible to mental attacks. In fact, psionic attacks on one twin have a high chance of affecting the other twin simultaneously.

Skills: Wrestling. Smash and Crash are the 3rd & 4th seed on Poseidon Academy's Wrestling team. Their exact rank shifts regularly b/w the two. They share a very strong mental bond and attack as a synchronized duo in I.S.C. matches.

Weapons/Gadgets: None.

Physical Appearance: Paul and Cas are identical twins. They look and act so similarly that even friends have a hard time telling them apart. They've capitalized on this fact by switching in-between wrestling matches to make sure that the most rested twin is always the one on the mat.

Personality: Loud and brash, the twins live up to their hero names. They're generally regarded as a unit, as they are very rarely found without the other. They tend to finish each other's sentences, in part due to the minor telepathic link that they share.

History: Named after the Gemini Twins, Paul and Cas were born to an Irish-American father and Greek-American mother. They called themselves "Smash and Crash" after their first heroic feat - using their own bodies to help brake a train that was heading toward a mudslide-damaged bridge. Only 12 at the time of the daring rescue, the twins gained admission to Poseidon Academy the following year.

The duo quickly became friends with Kid Olympus and Beowulf. Inspired by their real names of Pollux and Castor, as well as his own Greek heritage, Kid Olympus dubbed their squad the "Argonauts."

Characters by Tommy Roddy