Real Name: Suravi Small
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Indian, Tamil
Place of birth: Chennai, India. Raised since the age of 4 in Arcata, CA.
Orientation: Lesbian
Age: 15
Class: Sophomore
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Black
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 125 lbs

Powers: "Sun" in Sanskrit, Suravi is a living solar battery. She can unleash the stored energy in the form of incredibly destructive, searing beams of light. She has the longest range attack of not only her squad but the entire student body of Poseidon Prep. She can also create brilliant flashes of incandescence.

Limitations: Suravi is blind and relies on telepathic guidance for long-range targeting.

Skills: Fluent in Braille.

Weapons/Gadgets: Telescoping cane.

Physical Appearance: Suravi's complexion is strikingly dark from spending as much time in the sun as possible.

Personality: When Poseidon Academy was first chartered, no one would've guessed that a blind student would one day grace its halls. But the word "impossible" isn't part of Suravi's vocabulary. She always plays to win. Whether in the battledome or in the classroom, Suravi is intense. The only straight A student in her squad, Suravi's the teammate that the other Pride Highers go to for homework help.

History: Suravi's first power manifestation was a bright flash of light that burned her retinas when she was barely 4 years old. Born into a Dalit or "Untouchable" family, Suravi was abandoned soon after her powers were discovered. Luckily she was adopted by Jonathan and Indira Small, Quaker Peace Corps members stationed in Chennai, India (formerly known as Madras).

Indira Small (maiden name Iyer) was born into a Tamil family on the opposite end of the Hindu caste spectrum from her daughter. However, she renounced her Brahmin roots long ago in favor of the Quaker faith of her husband. Despite this, Mrs. Small's daughter has always exhibited a strong interest in Hinduism. Resistant at first due to the treatment of the Dalit community, Mrs. Small has done her best to educate Suravi on the more positive aspects of her heritage.

Suravi never felt out of place due to her disability in the Quaker community she was raised in. With her parents' encouragement, she applied to Poseidon Prep under a fledgling program for potential heroes with disabilities.

Character by Tommy Roddy